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Betting novice play big ball betting experiences and lessons

Aside our usual "Buy big ball dead, etc., to buy a small ball to die"Argument.

The Football Betting Divided into four parts to Game Then, into the plate, lower plate, big ball, small ball.

Then in addition to the big ball accident, and three part must be in 90 minutes, that is, after the end of the game to know the outcome.

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Sometimes we buy on the disc, the delay does not score, or the opening day was the footwall to.

Buy the footwall was again not stop on the plate day

No matter big small family, this 90 minutes are relatively tough process, of course, do not have to consider this a super big problem,

From the outset, I like the big ball, but also because do not know ah, Ruifeng fourth year ago, when still in Singapore when league play, and what a big ah.

What ah like the Singapore Armed Forces team, a game into 5,6,7 months are commonplace.

I used to think the goal of a window to jump out pretty cool, who enter are good, the better.

Over time began to take a large ball this way the child

I think the key point was the ball play is such that the size of the after-hours in 0.5 will have a 0.25 size of the disk.

That is, in 85 minutes the score was 0-0 when the opening size of 0 / 0.5, even if he wanted Bogosian also lose half the water lore unsuccessful principal Bale.

Once before in Ruifeng rolled over 4000 with 50 ran out of experience, but age-old, could not find a record, the right to strike as a joke.

Talk about the topic, many people feel, play the odds and play is the same size, or even what to play is the same, because we know that not lose is to win, to remove lose half win and half did not say, have only 50%

Simple as tossing a coin.

But more people experience is: This is not a guess coin, but to throw coins into the water.

Because we were not able to consolidate a more detailed analysis of what we think is a win that 50% in the other details.

In my opinion 50% of winning or losing, but to win 50% of which we can be subdivided into a lot of things, in which 50% go to collect and analyze more in favor of the 50% of the data.

You may say a bit chaotic.

I mean to say, the more likely to make it one hundred percent to win 50 percent of the establishment and success of the more detailed analysis considered.

Handicap analysis I was half a bucket of water, and Europe lose Handicap for me is a big ball of one of the reference element.

The first time I made reference before something much, just a fool with a big ball method, which is generally said that the goals expected value analysis.

One began to feel okay, then there is a problem serious data, I then spent a month to observe and analyze, a ball does not start.

I have come to the conclusion about:

1. First, look at the game between the two sides ranking if there is a big gap, glance at how the Asian plate to get the ball in to see whether Europe lost several large companies and the corresponding sub-plate, there is not much of a problem., Where Asian plate I use the SB of the Asian plate, Europe lost I usually compare Ladbrokes, Coral ,, Interwetten ,, ,, William Hill and out of the Asian plate crown, to see whether there is tricky

2. The play features of both teams ,, warring parties and recent record their achievements ,, This is important, because the team good variety of points, not only to attack and defend, both offensive and defensive intensity on defense ,, ,, more metamorphosis classification Also, in case of strong, strong and weak weak case is weak ,, ,, war record is strong, the stronger the case of strong class not too long ago, nearly a year is enough, there is in the league each play which performed

This can be divided into subject and object, such as whether home ,, home Long insects away and the home team's recent average goals conceded, the away goals and conceded Recent average, probably you can see the two teams play, this is one of an analytical point

3. With regard to the Cup, League team mentality various stages of analysis ,, Speaking Cup, it is the desire to see the team's competitiveness, if both teams can not win-or multi-line operations avatar fatigue bench? I feel like the Spanish Cup class for Spanish giants are mostly irrelevant upfront put off the bench, but rely on the reputation and position out of a big handicap, big balls disc also will be pulled up, so there may be a large ball of bait

The various stages of the league, we know there are five league titles before the winter break half saying, especially in Germany, most people believe half Champions League champions will be the team whether camel? Several of the team before the end of the league if the integral close, we need to fight on goal difference? relegation team if need Last Stand?, or 破罐子破摔 trampled willing to downgrade?

4. Players wounded circumstances, we all know, you want to hit the big score is inseparable from the shooter, in the front court, midfielder and goalkeeper, wounded case will directly affect the team's overall play. If you have the shooter wounded It will affect the offensive efficiency goals, defensive player of the wounded will affect the defense of the vacuum problem, but it can be obtained from the sports news in the big leagues before the start, as a reference condition

5. The size of the disk in conjunction Asian Handicap, teams against weak teams always make very much, giving a look that is the underdog to be ringing off the hook of rhythm, because handicap is the size of the disk and it will certainly be corresponding As we all know, but can play out is another story. win not Win? Win the little ball? This is my main analysis method is to refer to the previous data given four and then compare the respective Handicap to the water level.

Is cheaper to get the ball or big ball is cheaper? Level whether there is trick it? A lot of people have this impression, big ball Chupan gives you 80-85 water, a look that beautiful. Opening fell about 40, 50,60 have ,, we feel, I bought quite high water, and earned,! afraid to play out the big ball?, unfortunately that is not hit out. It has seen my hair big ball string of friends should be impressed

A big long string of water lost in Barcelona on 59 large balls.

6. Finally, a little bit of personal bad taste, the point I want to say is the sixth in the big leagues, there are league live, you may wish to observe weather conditions and venues. Weather is bad if it rains, as well as the availability of space, and whether Excessive watering skidding seriously affect players like fluency of the game. Haha this we can look like when a joke

Summarized above are some of the ways big league ball the size of my personal analysis, as the ball big ball, this one to say it is not yet able to say clearly thousands of Jiwan Zi

This post is my own original paste, every word they used the keyboard to knock out any similarity is just coincidence

I want to play big ball betting a lot of friends can communicate ,, think I write very naive dish also please bear with me, do not like do not spray

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