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Ball high odds Tutorial: Fun lower level Basketball Betting

Accustomed to in CASINO Play tennis high odds, such as men's tennis is higher than 12 innings, Paul made men's tennis 0, 0 break women's tennis, women's tennis comeback behind Bo - certainly the most good women's tennis 6: 0.

Sometimes little tennis match or bad luck, I would not touch the high odds of basketball, badminton and handball. A flower is not spring, is the spring Blossoms lit. Always catch tennis time high odds thinking about how the other projects can play a high odds catch levels such as tennis.

Summarize today play basketball at a high odds of course this is the primary technology, hoping to be able to shoulder 6: 0 level.

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1, I play tennis as low-level as a basketball game, because as NBA, European and other traders too familiar, I could not find any loopholes.

2, I chose a small team or a gap in strength between a great game.

3, basketball and tennis are high odds can not match. Click 1:09 to about 2, 3-5, and three grades of about 5 or more to explore.

First, choose a large difference in strength between the game and the teams at home: with the dragon

Some countries have 1-2 Big Mac team, such as China Hengda team choice. Then do not think about it, saying win (on disk) or buy it big. Basketball is true ...

I like the pay section, because it was quick speed. Each section can be bought

After I read the first section, Section 2,3 promptly followed, and soon received a meter.

It should be noted that the general Section 4 do not buy because the score difference is too great, the teams do not play easy, of course, there are also half 痛打落水狗 probability Oita really want to only buy, do not buy a handicap. Or buy popular blog behind a single team win

Second, in order to pay the high odds section shall 20 points

Look at the next game, one the strength to be a small gap, the second is like slowly offensive, especially like the last time to 24 seconds before the final blow to the team, so that the probability is big.

Today to see this game, really slow death, but a single total score bet365 are 44 minutes or so, so the odds will be high

Section four minutes later only score 12 points, 39 points is still a place that I would press a little.

Section 2 has odds of 9, I would take a chance catch the high odds.

Section 3.4 odds still have 6 and 8. Unfortunately, timid, did not buy.

Third, we believe home underdog

In general, home value of at least five basketball goals, so the strength is really not a large gap, a single buy underdog win. Best to wait around to buy 2 points behind, we have the best odds of 3-5.

In 10 minutes time, the total will be 1,2 times leading that time again under the anti-complement teams win so no matter what the results are winning the.

Fourth, the strength of the gap between the small believed turned upside down.

It is this section behind, chasing the next section to win. This is particularly common in the NBA.

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