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Football Match "Corner bet" experience tips

Like now Boeing platform And so many companies Sports Betting Have Corners Match Bet, Personally love the next corner to the home of the betting terms, some time ago, after much practice, get a good winning percentage, but also summed up a little personal experience, here to share with you to share.

Personally think, guess this should not blindly believe in absolute betting low water, or just leave things to chance Bogosian water on the whole, there are about a few little tips:

Tip one: Concept scene, hold periodic offensive rhythm changes

Do not look at the scene indiscriminately poor winning percentage, and therefore do not recommend blind spy Preferably watching live video to betting, here we must grasp the changing focus of the scene. In general, unless the strength of clear match, Normal game total will be showing a periodic change, it is easy for a team in the last ten minutes form the siege. Once we find a team as a whole before the formation pressure, and to accelerate the rhythm onslaught, it can be considered a shot. Here there are a few general time node , such as an opening ten minutes, ten minutes before halftime, started the second half and before the whistle, the siege of the situation are likely to occur.

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Representative examples:

Last weekend's Premier League, Aston Villa at home to West Ham, Aston Villa scene a slight advantage in the first half, leading 3-0 in the first half corner kick, but started the second half, West Ham suddenly speed, the back line forward, obviously midfielder the layout of the second half began the onslaught. I immediately even after two West Ham next corner, the results really under siege ten minutes West Ham brush three.

Tip two: exploration play, good long-range multi-wing corner and secure

In addition to the scene, the grasp of team play is also very important, not teams or corner side dominated the scene probability necessarily large. In general, like playing squad wing crosses and more long-range master of ball team easily brush to the corner. Of course, if the team play is not familiar with, you can carefully observed when watching TV, look at the play of the team.

Representative examples 1:

Tottenham is such a master of the brush corner, because the team is a classic play both wings to fly, almost offensive end will go under the wing, and, like Bell, who like long shots, likely to cause refraction or flutter produce the corner. We usually can what data to collect, Manchester United, Fulham, Atletico Madrid, Peabody, Sevilla and so are the masters of the brush corner. On the contrary, like Barcelona, ​​although superior strength, but because of the lack of high-center, so basically little corner. This Requirements must have a basic understanding of team play to guarantee winning.

Representative examples of 2:

The team's play in the game tend to adjust, especially through substitution, which is sure to focus on, such as Manchester City two weeks before the game against Liverpool, Manchester City Aguero starting center is not Qiangdian type, it has been walk less winger, behind Liverpool Corners Seven minutes later put Dzeko, in the middle of difficult pass under the wing began to try. I saw immediately chasing Manchester City corner, the results really even brush four.

Tip three: watch the game, combining to score the characteristics betting

In general, the score has a direct relationship with the corner produce because most of them will step up behind the offensive side, so the probability of the corner is also too large. But here we must pay attention to flexibility, at the best time to bet.

Here again, the problem back to the scene, and sometimes even the home team for the tournament lead, but not overly recovery, so the two teams pitted against each other, it is difficult to judge. But in the final ten minutes, leading party (usually only a leader When the ball) usually deliberately recovery, once discovered this trend can be traced right corner behind the party.

And if a party has been leading two goals or more, when the game-winning suspense, we will look at both sides of war. If the leading party darling, more and more excited, continue to attack, while the backward square uninterested, that nature go ahead side; when and sometimes backward square still unremitting offensive wish to save face, you can go backward square.

These are the people to play the corner of a little experience, after repeated attempts to still have a good winning percentage, and the share exchange. The key thing is to be willing to make an effort, take a moment to look at the scene, understand team play to know more about the situation, to no invincible ~

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