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Let afraid of the players' betting bookmakers - Wang Po

Really Betting Makers fear people have is this man that he is -?!? Wang Po, former general manager of Shaanxi Guoli football club, now squatting in a prison heavenly.

Classic case: let time fall back to 10 years ago

Time: September 21, 2003

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Event: 2003 Chinese Soccer League A, Sichuan Guancheng home against Shaanxi Guoli

Wang Po orchestrated a series of moves before the game:

1: the media frequently put a smoke screen, Sichuan media like mad when the Sichuan team coach Xu Hong, said, "Xu Hong is my idol, is the national team coach after the candidate ......", while Shaanxi The media is rhetoric: Xu Hong has given me to get the game definitely win half-truths, unpredictable.

2: coach to win military power, the foreign coach detained in the hotel.

3: Schedule assistant acting coach, Wang Po actually controlled by the position of the three main formations right line, players will come in the obedient disobedient goalkeeper Jiang Hong put excluded from the list...

Makers are not fuel-efficient lights, from strange changes Handicap can see, we have not already lost the first opening.

There are games that end Aocai open disk seven times change, from the 20th Chupan Sichuan Rangban Yi, the last change after seven floating rose before the start of the 21st Handicap: let two goals in two goals and a half!

Final Results for the 5: 1 Wang Po Win lose, making the loss of more than 7000 million.

Wang Po can be said that the use of all resources, by all means, finally defeated the dealer. Since then, in football betting circles, Wang Po reputation everywhere, Aocai the mere mention of Wang, shunned, did not dare to open national strength plate.

PS: unjust is doomed to destruction, Wang Po finally lost in a larger dealer hands, which is a digression.

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