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188BET Asian Handicap Trader Features

188BET Asian plate in the early manifestation belongs cautious type, very strict control of the payment, and even a lot of players known as "stingy." The company's biggest feature in the early operation is to YiShengBo strong reference, and Handicap not easily make changes. With the increase in business volume 188BET, company size and operating strength has been significantly improved, we found that the company's grasp of the game more and more subtlety, and the characteristics of the opening, great changes have taken place For 188BET's opening characteristics can be roughly summarized as follows:

First, the greater emphasis on the goodness of fit of the Eurasian commuted.

It can be said, is by careful planning 188BET started the game in promising one, the premium will not be given more than one percentage point, especially those up and down in the basic balance amount Betting competition, 365 will be strictly enforced in Europe Asia in terms of standards, either they can not lose play.For example, Europe lost 365 1.80, often will give the Asian Handicap hemisphere 0.80 Water, under such circumstances Zucai two options 31 basic not running this result.And many times, 365 will be given more radical Handicap water level.For example, Europe lost 365 1.90 Asian dish out the hemisphere 1.00 level, significantly higher than the sub-plate premium equivalent level.For this phenomenon, as long as the fundamentals look will find that most of them are produced in the following situations: The home team is losing the last round (or away team to win the last round), the two teams in strength, strength of the dominant but When one party state were to get the ball, points leader (or Previous confrontation dominant) position or away team to get the ball, and so on, these fundamental conditions are likely to lead to overheating of the footwall.

Second, drop plate precipitation techniques majority.

Since the 08 season, 188BET Asian dish by reducing the disk to reduce the increase in precipitation payment approach, especially in some quasi-hot tournament.For example, in some of the five major league teams in the upper reaches of the participation in the game, the most widely used such tactics.General performance: drop plate precipitation, the water level constant drive down both.If, after 365 drop plate precipitation, the water level in the Asian plate stage spot in Europe lost the equivalent low water level, and to adjourn, the Handicap water level and water level raised to the equivalent flat or even higher than, the direction basically hopeless; if Handicap entertained before the water level below the water level equivalent, is playing a greater hope; if the lower plate and the water level constant, generally occurs in high water Chupan.After Statistics found 31 results play and easy to win when 365 such Handicap Bo appeared much higher than the number of times when play master 0; for example, Chupan flat / semi-1.05 water, draw 1 Zhongpan.05 water, when the water climbed down, generally have played 30 result.The most dangerous is slightly lower plate precipitation, especially in high water Chupan reduced slightly lower spot of high water or high water; the survey results is played 0 times reached more than 80%; for example, Chupan flat / semi-1.10 Water, Zhongpan tie 1.05 water, or Chupan hemisphere 1.00 water, Zhongpan 0.975 Water.

Third, the independent disk or given rise radical level.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

188BET early today and another difference is the courage to set out the disc and the mass psychology of gambling players.Often play outside 365 bets online friends should have had the following experience, that is, bowls dish, even if a party is only the emergence of a corner kick, free kick, will close 365 Handicap refused to fame by injection, "stingy" is also made This is born.While this is not much to get rid of the problems in today, but before the game Handicap, 365 apparently do a lot of the atmosphere than previously.Other companies such as when an average of half / one in the water, 365 sometimes prescribe a ball high water, and sometimes even give water to 1.The high 30's.In such cases, the author's experience is more than 365 resistive plate solicitation, Win gameplay alone on the deck plate margin, lost half are great opportunities for all win.While the Football Lottery games are played, the 365 certainly appears once such a drive way out ahead, two-way selection set have obtained 30.

Fourth, YiShengBo and sports between Sabah and strong cross-reference.

This is the size of the ball Handicap and intraday are more reflected. Since the 08 season 188BET ability to grasp the highlights of the game, a change in the past to refer to other companies based Handicap opening strategy. However, some European local events outside the 365 do quite cautious, the basic rule is: at the same Handicap Sabah easy wins Bo, if the water level just below the 365 Sabah easy wins Bo, then the direction of the good; if 365 When Zhongpan Handicap Bi Shaba easy wins Bo small half plate, 365 given the low water or low water, then the basic can play on the disc.

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