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Football Betting: was William who in the world (2) adjusted odds William

The so-called adjusted odds betting company refers to change out of his own early lose conducted.It includes the rise and fall of these two.If compensation is beginning to reflect the betting company for a basic view of a game, then adjust the odds, especially after the final pay is its truest intentions reflect spot before.Because with the increase in the amount of a particular bet, the original balance is bound to be broken, so the bookmakers betting amount necessary to achieve a balance by adjusting the odds, the purpose of reducing the risk of losses.Because of this, bookmakers often through several adjustments to achieve this goal.Based on this, I suggest that you try to buy lottery tickets at the time pushed back.So we can better understand the betting company's true intentions.A few years ago, William is not adjusted odds, but for the purpose of competition and Ladbrokes, William would own 90% payout rate from up to 94 percent with Ladbrokes flat.Increase would mean higher loss ratio increased risk of payment and gold.To reduce the risk of losses and increase profits, William also began adjusted odds.Macau relative odds that sinister adjustment and betshop that dazzling adjusted odds William adjustment is still very clear.The author summarizes some of the game, summed up the following odds adjust the way, for your reference.

[1] primary wins down compensation and negative compensation level rise, which is a basic odds adjustment, only a very few games, mostly primary wins guts to do an example: This season, the fourth round of the Bundesliga, Bayern 3-0 Wolfsburg, William early pay 1.73,3,4, after adjustment for the 1.67,3.8,4.8, primary wins decreased level compensation and negative compensation rises, the home team won. The second round of Serie A, Sangpuduoli Asia 3-1 Udinese, William early pay 2,3.1,3.3, after adjustment for the 1.91,3.4,4 Premier League fifth round, Blackburn 3-1 Wolves, William early pay 1.83,3.2,3.75, after adjustment It is 1.8,3.5,4.5.

[2] does not move primary wins, level compensation negative pay rise this case basically guts to do to be of primary wins. Example: The sixth round of the Premier League season, Chelsea 3-0 Tottenham, William early pay 1.44,3.6,6.5 after adjustment for the 1.44,4.33,7, the main victory does not move, negative compensation level compensation rises, the home team wins. Villa 2-0 Portsmouth, William early pay 1.36,3.75,8, after adjustment for the 1.36,4.33, 9. French fifth round of the season, Bordeaux 1-0 Ge Lienuo, William early pay 1.25,4.5,10, after adjustment 1.25,5.25,13.

[3] main Kappei lose all negative pay rise.This upsets a lot of adjustment, we had better pay attention to what.In the 2008 European Cup qualifier a few upsets such as England 2-3 Croatia and Belarus 0-1 Luxembourg, William is so adjusted.This adjustment came more cold flat.And mostly teams playing at home who, mostly lethal great psychological upset.We must pay attention to this adjustment.Example: the second round of La Liga this season, Villarreal 1-1 Mallorca, William Early lose 1.5,3.6,5.5, after the adjustment is 1.57,3.75,6, the third round of Serie A, Palermo 1-1 Bari, William 1.57,3.3,5.5, after the adjustment is 1.61,3.6,6.The fifth round of the Bundesliga, Werder Bremen 0-0 Hannover, beginning to lose 1.33,4.33,7, after adjustment is 1.36,4.5,9.The second round of La Liga, Real Zaragoza 1-2 Alvarado, beginning to lose 1.91,3.twenty three.5, after the adjustment is 2,3.4,3.7,

[4] level compensation does not move, two adjustment.This adjustment a little Please note.This adjustment you might think negative pay rise might not 0, this understanding I think that is one-sided.In fact, if negative compensation rise, fall primary wins, the home team to remain unbeaten under normal circumstances can.If the negative pay rise, but the main victory will also rise, so the chance of a big cold.Example: This season, the fourth round of the French, Nice 0-3 Montpellier, beginning to lose 1.91,3,3.75, after adjustment is 2.05,3,4.2, the game lost, although there are a lot of negative adjustment, but also will be a substantial increase in the primary wins.The home team finally lose at home.The second round of Serie A, Cagliari 1-3 Siena, beginning to lose 1.91,3.1,3.6, after the adjustment is 2,3.1,4.The fourth round of the Bundesliga, Stuttgart Nuremberg 0-0, beginning to lose 1.4,4,6.5, after the adjustment is 1.5,4,7.

[5] primary Kappei pay fixed, negative pay rise is eligible for a decline.Hello, everyone understood this adjustment.Negative compensation, if there is no substantial increase 0.If you should lose a significant decline in negative anti 0.There is also a negative compensation without moving the primary wins rise or fall, and level compensation also rise or fall.This adjustment key depends on primary wins.If the main decrease the chance of victory, the home team winning or unbeaten very large, otherwise more popular.Example: this season, the fourth round of the Bundesliga, Schalke 0-1 Freiburg, beginning to lose 1.33,4.33,8, after adjustment is 1.4,4.2,9.The sixth round, Stuttgart 0-2 in Cologne, is beginning to lose 1.44, 3.75,6, after adjustment is 1.53,4,6.Several more frequent adjustment is adjustment William, I put it listed, it can bring help fine.

Scissors pay

The so-called scissors lose, the betting company means the game different teams in the same time period, or similar carried out by exactly the same odds. This scissors lose, although there are results of the competition the same. Bile more much different results. Example: The fourth round of the Serie A season, Roma 3-1 Florence, Naples 0-0 Udinese, these two games are 1.9,3.1,3.6 odds William La Liga. The second round, Sevilla 4-1 Zaragoza, Atletico Madrid 1-1 in Santander, these two games are 1.44,3.75,6 William odds, the result is a win and a draw.

Scissors lose, if we handled properly, it can help us save money, reduce the difficulty and can even help us capture the popular, handled properly, will fall short, missed Awards.William scissors lose some one, some two or even more than.Here I will be in accordance with the number of betting companies to make it for everyone to answer.Another point to remind everyone, two games or more games if the game in the same round of a different time period appeared scissors lose, generally carried out with the results of the first subject that game.Prevent the emergence of a different result.For example, the third round of La Liga this season, Barcelona 5-2 Atletico Madrid, Valencia 2-2 Gijon, these two games are out of the 1 William.29,4.5,8 odds, which is a veritable scissors to lose, since Barcelona is ahead of the game.The end result is a Barcelona win 5-2.Because it is a pair of scissors to lose and Valencia, and is ahead of the game, the results are the home team wins.So it would thus come to Valencia game inferences to be anti-flat.Sure enough, the final draw with Valencia in a 2-1 lead but opponents sent off and one case.

[1] William scissors lose.If there is a scissors William lost, in principle, subject to Ladbrokes.At this time, some people may say, this is easy to understand, if William odds are equal, then these games neutral Bo is 31 negative compensation high and low is 10, you can say, explain that you very carefully.But according to my statistics, on the contrary, in this case, the vast majority are negative compensation is low 3 high 1.Example: the second round of La Liga this season, Sevilla 4-1 Zaragoza, Atletico Madrid 1-1 in Santander, these two games are 1 odds William.44, 3.75,6, while Sevilla game Ladbrokes odds are 1.61,3.5,4.5, Atletico Madrid That Ladbrokes is 1.44, 3.75,6.2 games is a negative compensation high and low when.While Barcelona 5-2 Atletico Madrid game, Ladbrokes odds are 1.33,4.33,7, Valencia That is 1.3,4.33,8.The same is true.

[2] William Ladbrokes while cross.I think that this time should be subject to Intel.Ibid truth.Example: This season Ba Hill Classic 18, Botha fee 1-0 Parana, Santos 2-2 Iowa, which is two games William and Ladbrokes equal distribution.Distribution is William 1.61,3.5,4.5, Ladbrokes 167,3.3,4.5, which is two betting companies at the same time cross.At this former Intel odds are 1.75,3.3,3.8, which is 1.6,3.6,4.6, these two games at the same time, William Ladbrokes cross, but Intel does not cross, and ultimately Intel negative compensation high level, the low win.There are also other bookmakers William and cross.Examples: Pakistan A this season, 16, Botha fee 2-1 road in Pakistan, Corinthians 0-0 Iowa, the former of these two games is 8.2 five-thirty conduct, which is at 8.At 3:00 on the 3rd conduct.Their odds are 1 William.8,3.3,3.75, Intel is 1.8,3.2,4, while the former Ladbrokes odds are 1.8,3.3,3.75, which is 1.72,3.4,4.These two games are the same Ladbrokes negative compensation when low.High 1.It is worth mentioning is that their time is not the same game, which is consistent with the author that in the aforementioned point of view.

[3] a number of betting companies also appear to lose scissors.There can be divided into two kinds of circumstances.First, do not include Intel, including a pair of scissors pay.At this time, Intel should prevail.Example: The third round of the Serie A season, Palermo 1-1 Bari, Udinese 4-2 Catania, these two games are 1 odds William.57,3.3,5.5, Ladbrokes odds are 1.61,3.25,5, will win the odds are 1.6,3.forty five.The former Intel odds are 1.6,3.5,5.6.The latter is 1.7,3.5, 4.9.Second, including Intel, including a number of betting companies pay scissors.I think the more intractable in this category.Personally, I think the team should be a local company I base odds.An additional reference at some conservative bookmakers odds such as 0ddset, toto, sweden or a combination Handicap for processing.Also, if you feel that if you are in trouble, I have a not a way to approach that in the face of this situation, either avoid, or all-inclusive.Of course, the use of this approach has a premise that is your money, but also willing to do so.

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