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2013 Autumn Tour Macau casino (2)

Actually, I think more time watching the show shopping and eating, is more meaningful than sitting in front tables point to see these colorful behind, what will be built.

But found little interest shady brother watching the show, or go upstairs bet, the second floor of the big screen or in midfield put "NO BODY" ... I have the last two years several times, each time to put this? Strange. ʱ??

Hands unfavorable, lost 5000, turned a table suddenly a turn of luck, what what, trans win 10,000, but the shadow of his own brother to swim sets, and later asked lose 10,000, claiming to feel good in interstellar poor, Then again Huan field goal Wynn, because look what friends commissioned Cartier watches to a subsection price, just drop in. to Wynn I asked the price, it seems a little more expensive than domestic, give up.

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Into Casino, Here flood station would not be so much, seated a table, is open jump road, perhaps by a master of influence mound, my favorite brand of such road, network and field bet winnings are generally in short circuit cards I did not expect two consecutive Notes are dead, out of idle 3 even, on the same stage there was a Guangdong man liked to chat, said he was under a busy road for us to test the waters first, the results of the open shot too busy.Then he went down to the village bit shady brother and I say wham five hundred seventy-nine, formulas is so ha ha, with a busy, busy 9:00 result is shot too, Guangdong guys good grace, saying he was wrong, immediately back with us with busy, busy reopen 9:00 result, there are a few mouthfuls he asked me busy, I laughed and said there are 8 ~ ~ He said there must be under the shadow of brother wanted to trans-way village, the result was I forced to stop, and he very reluctantly with the 300 free take note, results leisure and 8:00, all the way straight out of the 13 overwhelming idle, poor one to achieve my prediction, I thought to myself if it is really out of 14, Article 15 under certain trans a village to see the results of this - the village 9:00 spike pity...Guangdong guy to put 8000 to win a lot, I hit back losses, more win another 8,000 each to a few hundred shady brother, I said hello nothing, good way to win a little bit.

Long idle off, the time is late, leaving Wynn back to the Galaxy for dinner, or that the family restaurant.

Time about Blackjack, And shade brother admission, can turn a full circle, it found little beauty dealers who flood in the middle of Taiwan, still laughing sweet like language...Today, Taiwan is indeed in flood licensing, the No. 1 position to the 7th bits are all filled with people, and only rely on the far left on the 8th on the 9th bit empty, seated down the road to see the cards is an absolute one bad roads.Look gamblers, found surging undercurrent, is on the beauty of the 5th digit dealer sat a young man, well-dressed, hair fashion, a look of arrogance, feel should be pretty good, before them, about more than 30,000 bargaining chip.Beside him on the 6th position was a middle-aged man, is also a guy dressed rice, a good thick neck a gold chain, in front of tens of thousands more, about 10 chips, high-spirited look to see, it should be to win several of the.Due to road sucks, no start, after we sat down just observe a few hands, young man found on the 5th and the 6th bit middle-aged good fun, gold chain meter guy look Xia Sanlu bet, pre'm Feeling Lucky, Taiwan mostly with his bet, this time the road suddenly out of 5 with busy, rice guy got about 10,000 idle, busy with Taiwan, shady brother and I also bet village with even small, did not think the 5th position Young The last bet village 20000, this time on the 1st station an aunt can not help sounding: how can this to the next village?You can not top the way ah?

Young dismissive: "I like the top of the road, how?"

Little Miss licensing, 6 meters guys look at cards, 6 + 7 = 3:00, to see young men on the 5th card, the cards flung see him severely in front of the 1st aunt, a 4, a 5, ie win. "You know? I know? you win? I win?"

Young successive harsh atmosphere really awkward speaking, this time on the 2nd station, a 60-year-old Aunt utterance: We in Taiwan have blog but you are a person, you look really accurate ... little beauty gently for dealers Young on the 5th saying: hello powerful ... inspiring young once, his face laughter contentment back: you give me such a good brand, how to thank you?

See here, my heart suddenly ... it seems like this little beauty is really a lot of dealers gamblers, even up to the gaming tables jealousy.

Next, each of the cards, young people are finally off the note, must be counter-meter guy on the 6th position, only won four, winning both and finish every little beauty talking and laughing, really happy ... This time 6 number of Taiwan-meter guy face embarrassing, so how can throw in front of beautiful frame? I saw him mercilessly put all the chips in front of the stage next to the idle position, about more than 80000, it appears to want a back wherever he goes next End provocative young man looked at the 5th, young people looked at Little Miss, Little Miss smiled at him, momentarily blood on the Bay, even the most dangerous places without any hesitation. in front of more than 70,000 chips all pushed to the village place.

Little Miss licensing, give the 6th-meter guy, said: boss, look brand-meter guy nodded slowly: I do not believe him to win ... and they blew the top, and finally pulls out a 2 + 5 = 7:00 to.

To the 5th of young people see a license, two public 0:00, meter guy laughed, his mouth began to himself: well, you know that the public do Haha, well that duck ...?

Zhuang outs, young hands slightly trembling, a little open, 4 side !!!! leisure 7:00 has no advantage, winning or losing is already the number fifty-five ... almost crushing force, I think gaming tables to He was shattered, young man with extreme force beyond the brand Sign in countertops, after 9 hearts !!! instant of silence, he suddenly uttered a roar, rather like a wolf from the north ...

M guy face stiff for a moment, criticized the sentence, your mother, who angrily away from the station Little Miss dealers and gently said: I believe you line ... good standard Mandarin Mandarin, of course, is for the young He said the young man emotional, suddenly said, you are my Lady Luck, who finished also look sincere gaze Little Miss dealers, rather like dreams confession is like a scene, so people feel then?

The parties feel good and type, we were next to feel good these two hammer him to death and wanted cheap goods ....

After a moment of passion, or to continue betting, just a few of the fighting, most of my brother and shade with a middle-aged guy meters, the results fiasco shady brother bitterly saying:. "I do not want to say the words of gas" away from the station I said I have to play for a look, in fact, would like to see what would eventually end the young man, if he really is the beauty dealers Lady Luck? Results and down two, has been sent to the black card, No license is actually a little young to go up ... did not mean, it seems is to start other new cards ... I quite silent, and thought: Good lovestruck two goods ~

From the station to the other side, a ferocious ladies dealers, a lot of people betting, road 2 1 Living room, Xia Sanlu roads go Haojing, suddenly burst continuous way, several roads full blast finished, the whole station not left a moment to go...I thought the dealers to try to find a more fierce anyway, a man seated, joked: beautiful women out there just lost miserable station dealers, lady give me a few more to win back this good?I did not expect lady looks ferocious, really good polite speech: "Boss, I try to make you win more points is good?"Strange to say, actually it has a high hit, a total of 10 bets, actually in the eight, hit the black card-for-card, just hit back just to lose money, said the sound Xie, miss the other side of the fight in the shadow of brother The situation, he thought that two young and beautiful B dealers situation over there, and quickly got up to have a look.

I saw the shadow of a brother is next to a kind of mold Bo card, with all-Arbor aunt is some lady, looking at his eyes with a look, I thought ah well, are fulfilled Taiwan leaders, it is estimated also won several to, or not related to him next?

Look at the table next to Little Miss dealers, has been overwhelming, the 5th two B just in front of tens of thousands of young people in chips has come to more than two hundred thousand, look at the brand road, 2 Bed 1 Living opened four groups, a pretty road. .. The strange thing is actually only two B young man in a bet, the other positions are empty, I sat down with buy road, two B young white at me, I seem to bother him falling in love? Le me go, I sat on the 9th position of the edge, and you do not want participation, but also wanted to do hair?

Results from I sat down, I started to put bad way, I was killed along with two B 3 consecutive put young, I smile soon stop NOTE observe II B youth stared at me, seems to mean is long overdue to get out, and the impact his good fortune to see his bet, has begun to recover negative results and killed two, little beauty gently shook his head, expressed sympathy II B Youth fiercely launched about 80,000 in chips the next village seems to be going repeat spring story, I thought to myself, I am afraid I have been repeating the story of who you anti-death-meter guy, right? Sure, leisure 9:00 not give a chance, two B youth anger, all the remaining chips next village, I then It is known he would die,Gambling Like this, between ups and downs, no one can exceptions. Busy flop 2 km, two B Youth slightly relaxed, but then they read the cards tense, Johnson 4 + 7 = 1:00. Busy outs first, fill out a Hearts 2,2 points, Zhuang outs .... lose 5 win 7, even if a little busy home two points, the dealer lose face at this time is still not small ... little beauty to the dealer push outs to two B youth, young people seem to have two B to Ben collapse edge, Mopai touch for a long time, did not dare look, finally put that card ruthless with an open heart ... good classic picture, hearts 9 ... this time gold chain meter guy who seems sound came from afar, do you know the public, the public is the duck ....

I suddenly felt tired, and witnessed a reincarnation, the outcome is always the case makes no illusions ....

Two B Youth Mianwurense his pocket and pulled out a handful of Hong Kong paper, bought about 150,000 yards, this time has been too busy to think of romance, red eyes, and nothing the slightest bit high-spirited look. Another two 50,000 , 100 000, all dead ... little beauty is still smiling, calm and collected. II B youth took bank cards, ATM machines and walked straight in shopping boulevard, seems to not want to throw in the towel. I would like to meet him definitely come back crazy big bets, and he did not want the same stage, the same gamblers will get carried away let others boring, but the outcome is miserable, feel.

Find shade muffled brother, this guy this time that they strive transferred back several yards, and together they fight for the N Zhang Taiwan, but it is more lose more I highest profit to 4.Close to 50,000, 50,000 thought the impact because there is no problem, I did not expect to lose to a kung fu only 20,000 profit, shady brother own mad bet endless, there is still the mood to persuade me, you do not play, this total times someone has to win back the right.I said OK, I go for a walk, you should continue to bet?Yam brother seemed very calm and answered: 8000 losers on hand will not play, either rush to go, I said OK, anyway, this guy yesterday's earnings and capital are taken away his wife, who was not any card, not out What trouble the.

A man went to the Galaxy plaza, slightly chilly night wind, he saw a familiar figure, is actually the two B youth squatting stairs while smoking, talking on the phone, call a friend seems to be called to give him the money, I do not willing, he vowed to go back some time also like ...

I listened to a few words, I suddenly felt melancholy, quietly sitting on the steps outside the Milky Way, a myriad of thoughts. Recall embark own Betting This road has been a long, long time, lose what they get?

In front of this bustling city, gamblers paradise behind, in the end what is the truth? We like this group of people, what next?

When the excitement of winning, see-saw, when anxiety, fear chase several times, the Qing Dynasty's frustration when ... when we can escape? This road, eyeful is illusory beauty and expectations, the head again and again and always cruel The reality IT99 think back to my brother's PM, a lot of times do not abuse bet to win, they may enjoy under the money can bring happiness, but do not always have to go to the point of the Qing Dynasty.

However Language Macao, it is difficult to be able to self-control, greed and fear often afflict humanity every gambler, calm and relaxed, easier said than done.

Faced with a negative expectation bet drama, emotions are up and down deeply moved by the casino, the outcome is the same foes, but different time, brief laughter to cover up the blood and tears too painful.

Alternatively, each gambler has their own dream ... when we wake up, and go from here?

---- End text

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