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2013 Autumn Tour Macau casino (1)

Half past one, sitting Galaxy hotel rooms online, 22 floor window silence, while distant feasting, downstairs Casino It seems like the day, gamblers fight hard, there is no concept of time.

Suddenly I thought, at this time Language Macau, the former unwashed bag, finally able to bet on the stage no longer sit, and talk to me, finally a little progress, but my heart was thrown slightest weariness and loss.

The brothers and shade similar to Changsha, at first aim is to play a good look, but just met various parades, the hotel manager warned us to be careful personal and property safety ... said that many rioters mixed in the parade in, do some playing smashing grab things ..

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The first day of the culmination of living in the Wuyi Road Hotel, opposite the Japanese mall Pinghetang, has burned over hit, closed their doors, the riot police to maintain law and order in the vicinity.

Live the next day at the Days Inn Little Swan, hang out during the day, when they encountered the procession tide, just in front of our car in the past, can not wait N minute walk, and finally turn around and detour bin.

The forum is not to talk of these things, with the more popular words, not ours P affairs people of the tube.

Changsha food taste good, has always been my favorite flavor, eat a few meals here are good, finally a little harvest.

Also everyone said South out of beauty, in fact, I really think Hunan Jiangnan more than beauty, personal vision problem?

The passport with only a few days ago and the Philippines signed a visa to cross the border under way in this test just before someone say yes, some say no good ... it turns out, can be had, before the black car drivers say I paid 100 for me to do what the group tour information sheet, I did not want, he said I definitely go through. pass the hands of time to see a lot of people took that piece of paper, I really think you want to go, but the wheel to my time, what did not ask to be allowed to go knock chapter.

18:00 to mark, or so many people lined up there 1.5 hours before the past ... see next diplomatic etiquette channel is empty, think of a master of the mound :)

The Galaxy's room set, after crossing a fortune sitting Galaxy car, the night has been concentrated, the car window to see the distant Sands Playgroundʱ??

Because nowhere playable, I would recommend to fly to Macau, the shady brother at first not agree that can not win, and go give money, I said it would send a little bar, good control on OK. Then take the high-speed rail to Guangzhou, and sat a black car directly to the Gongbei mark.

Galaxy Hotel is really good, very suitable space, a large bed, bathroom absolutely clean and bright. Wireless and wired Internet access is free, speed is also fast.

The hotel is already 20:00 in the Galaxy shopping boulevard see Tissot shop selling a fancy one, the price of more than 3000 ... I decided to take it home win :)

Bow down to the room upstairs, Mrs. Yam said to a nearby shop to eat seafood congee porridge, the line to the downstairs, I said wait for me five minutes, I was a first...Yam said brother play again for dinner, I said nothing, win or lose only one of.Find a table closest to the entrance, for 4000 chips at the village place, on the same stage one meter man (Yam brother taught me words, the rich meaning) to help out with two beautiful women, have been busy bets 1500, I see the next village, and in 1000 added a busy, another bit familiar with his middle-aged women take note 500.Busy look at the card, open a meter guy, very satisfied, but also to see the second, middle-aged woman shouted, "public", I certainly know the first 9 poll results did not come out, is a 2 sides 9 + 5 = 4:00, to my watch brand, meters around guys shouting little beauty, I want a small or large who can decide for themselves what?Look at the sign a trilateral one has not changed, intuition shot too, and throw it back to the dealer, opened 2 + 6 = 8 o'clock, my watch hand, Kazakhstan.Straight up shop table, got his wish.This be a good start.

After buying the table, and sat Galaxy Express Line 8 porridge shop to a nearby house and found a fortune Galaxy car N lines, direct access to Macao district, near and far both from the closing to the airport and so on -

Mrs. Yam porridge paved to this many times, very familiar, order some wear grilled prawns, crab porridge water and all kinds of seafood dishes, taste really good, they may just win the block table, the mood of some delicious things more enjoyable?

Some of the photos using a mobile phone according to the other some are SLR, anyway, I rotten level, according to a random, everyone wants to look casual.

After Mrs. shade to go shopping, and I went back to the Galaxy shade officially at war.

This time, not so good luck, began to encounter wind, but fortunately the two people on the same stage, you can remind each other, the whole will not bear chase, but together only under optimistic village or busy, if disagree, then one stop Note or together are stopped. If not, you may be just one will lose big, because two individuals are good hit rate difference.

Next to a shop, looking on leisure, along with betting 5000, not under the village people to see the shadow of brother brand, J + 7 = 7 points Dianbu village 5 cards, I say that only 2/13 probability to lose it, the results Voice hardly ever, make up to the village only 4...This I have lost 1.About 50,000, shady brother a little more than I am, immediately silent.As one, got up and change the channel, the line to the other side and see a dealer MM, sweet smile, there is little fresh feeling, good shade favored by her brother..Two days later she had a lot of the story takes place on stage...But this time, no doubt, this little beauty is our lucky dealers messenger, not in addition to the first of the hit rate rose sharply after sitting posture, in fact, open the way licensing is not good, mostly chaotic way, but I'm the same shade EA brother are playing too, they are often habitual way backed by net gambling licenses.Although good bet small, generally one to two thousand, in respect of small victory into stopping injection great, not a long time to hit back losses, but also each have won more than 10,000.Little Miss accompany each finished chips will laugh told us "win more points," Oh, that people comfortable ah ~ ha ha.

Another one, we have 5500 next village, not busy at people, I look at the card, two 4-sided, I called the Little beautiful first open free card, open 8:00 says it does not matter, the result is really K + 8, she said you 2 4 sides must be no problem, the first result is 9, 2 10, on the same stage people say that we may flourish, I said it was a good dealer cards issued, smoked water more than 300 zero yards, to She had tea, to be called the original squad to tip over after confirmation, put the left one place .. do not know what that means? Do you want a sub-class of people together?

Not long afterward, on shift, and up a middle-aged woman dealer, one to kill us two, look no earlier, more than 2 points the way back to the room to rest up from the table, the first day alone per person about more than 10,000 small profit, can be considered satisfied. the way back to the room, Mrs. Yam Yam brother and a friend said I understanding, never bet among Instead, I smiled and said, you do not see together no less, who under whom Wang, So good that ~

Back to the room to discuss a decision to buy air tickets from Australia to wake up, to keep the fruits of victory -

The first two days at noon wake up, check online tickets to Wuxi and Shanghai have 2000+ ... but also look after the day to Shanghai there are more than 600, slightly discuss a few, we decided to stay one day return to the grounds today tickets are too expensive, in fact, in the end is why the tacit ~ Haha, rare to secondary Macao field, on a night time, always feel not enough, think IT99 shipped retreat known brother speak, between the advance and retreat, it is human nature is changeable, so hard to grasp ... Fortunately, now finally not excessive gambling, will know between fatigue and hunger, it is also not as concerned about winning or losing.

Galaxy shopping boulevard in addition to a lot of shops, there are several places to eat, including a Chinese restaurant is a 24-hour, two days we ate here three or four times, easy and delicious, the price is relatively flat, two individuals, then drinks plus two staple food plus a small snack at HK $ 300 or so.

This is another home at noon to Portuguese restaurant, totally go for the early adopters, the fact that the taste can not accept, savory and sweet is not sweet and not salty taste ... Is it too curve of our natural things can not eat these high-end ? This meal took more than 1,000, no impression, hey ~ sigh

After dinner and sat rich Venetian car to look, want to buy something, but into which a lot of people, probably the travel agency will arrange to visit the Venetian designated project, although many shops, but also the mood more shopping, and sent Mrs. Yam own visit, we went headlong into the casino, go casino find more people, and they are all flood Taiwan, but business is surprisingly good, all of a sudden lost interest.

Free to find a piece of the audience an injection, each at 1000, won, we laugh to beat the Venetians defeated Chen, you can go, go in exchange for cash, did not expect to have to line up accountant, feels and over Beaconsfield off is much the same as ... a full row there for a good half an hour or so before money, and quickly leave.

Photos are some looks inside the Venetian, who does a lot of - there are all kinds of activities, posters, martial arts competition, good sound, and so China

Artificial sky shopping street, say very realistic, have? I feel very fake ah ~ ~ Haha, longer leave a little bit?

There is the interior of the river, two gringo singing folk songs back and forth should be charged for boating -

Back to the Galaxy, time to look at more than 3:00, yesterday, Little Miss dealers should not go to work ~

Next Wanliaoyihui, successfully won a good 7000, proposed to Lisboa shade Geti look over there, I said Lisboa is certainly not the last time it was the devil ~ eyeing yet memorable - better to go to a company's interstellar bar

The 1st Galaxy Express to reach interplanetary, interstellar floor Angels are performing music and dancing - really fascinating - (Continued)

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