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My experience in casino gambling in Macau

I asked some brothers and sisters have been to Macau and elders, substantially 90% of the whole back lose, this coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Macau to deduct, 500 principal, winning 2000 +, introduced to friends Cheats small win. next to Macau remember me ha ha ha ha ha.

Long losing bet is ironclad laws

Macau casino Is the result of rigorous scientific calculation yields greater than 0, not luck can make your winning fuel-efficient lights, or billions of tax money each year come from, it is not to lose money trading.From Dali is to say, to a small table games is also true.Only kill large amount of bets at odds and gamblers, small claims bet FIT.Winning time do not believe their own luck and to raise the stakes, or can become targets to kill.Each will have a balance of chips usually records found reduced income, how much will make some small action, whether or not out of thousands, in short, to disrupt your thinking is true.So bets, though small, do not hurry hearts and minds, entertainment-oriented.(Lisboa Sic Bo It is a bet size, and color is a single dice 100 cases, 50 other cases)

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

1 bet size is calculated by the odds, the more people participate, the more buy bets, the smaller the chance of the dealer controllable, the greater our chance of winning. So fewer people bet desk sets we do not go ʱ??

2, to the people of Taiwan, we must analyze wager, usually the first roll Dice Buy a set from the hand after the betting open cup final, we agreed to the idea and dealers before they can be analyzed to their thinking, before winning courageous. So we have to analyze the situation bet generally lose 1 bet size is 1, the amount of little, mainly into custody odds points, for example, you notice a lot of people bet big, and remand the high odds of a large number of points, based on the principle of claims, we naturally want to bet on a relatively small number of points of small and small odds, the yield of winning will be greater than zero.

3, to grasp the opportunity to bet because the dealer with you also see the table betting situation, he also analyzes, etc. set off to buy a hand when he would have to open the case of a certain cup, this time we To the last minute bets! down to the size he wanted to open !!!

4, take Hawker Pathfinder. Saw any lavish spending billions of dollars, we do not play the first few of the first, the first to observe the reaction of dealers, usually for several hours to let it win, then the pain will be allowed to lose , etc. see Hawker began to lose time, he hastened to buy big, we will certainly buy less. This time bet faster.

5, just leave. Winning time to be calm, to not raise a second, to master tables, time to play around 1-2 hours almost, before being pegged not eat you, quickly flash people, right ʱ??

Know more than a few small points, learned basic analysis, this time in Lisboa, I analyze the table of winning more than 70 percent (10 lots guessed at least 7 hands, but bet when there is deviation, for example, I knew that they open big, but only want to bet on the odds broad points), basically we have not used this 500 bet itself.

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