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In the Lisboa casino slot winnings playing skills

Before and share participated in several Lisboa Casino Organized by the slot machine game experience accumulated.

In the Lisboa casino playing slot machines midterm advantage is that the flow of enough busy enough, this is a very simple principle tiger is a tiger confidential after eating enough money will start Kuangtu money. Thus, you can not attack, only defend!

Based on my slot machine theory of understanding, they are using the nonce principle to establish a likelihood. Plainly, that is, according to the chances of a number that appears to design the winners and losers determined rate, usually the casinos are in house advantage to design winning or losing is indeed rate, so No way will win, can only rely on luck. But you can try to lose less to stroke of luck, because win or lose all the pressure method should be the same, therefore, 1 x 25 (pressure line 25 times odds) of pressure method and 20 x 1 (line 1 press 20 times odds) pressure method, the results of its income, with equal funding in unlimited trial should be the same.

In my observation of the habits of the players they are based on a fixed combination play; for example, 20 x 1 or 20 x 5 or 20 x 25, the result of this play are: first, even more than in the income nor the third they need a large capital to be able to hit, but if in 20 x 1 hit 3 times, 20 x 5 hit twice, 20 x 25 hit 1 times to equal the capital, their chances of winning will be more than just playing 20 x 25 more high because of small weight more easily, the pressure for a long time before the first big theoretical return theory, the actual results are not as accurate imagine, put it plainly, or to rely on luck, because there is a devil in wait, kid appeared, at least you can get 15 yuan, more than 15,000 yuan at most.

I have come across a player, he appeared in the morning I saw five people in the head in a FREE GAME also multiply 3 by 5, with his then-pressure method, ie 25 x 5 = 125 (RM 2.50), should be able to obtain 187,500 (RM 3,750). He thought so easy to win so much money, so he stayed occupied aircraft, has been playing from morning to night was a repeat of history, he spent the capital, I am afraid more than the above figures it!

The conclusion is to not rely on winning this thing, can only take it to entertainment and fun, as children play Game Machine, and not relied on to winning;! To lose less principle, but if lucky, may in the awards, not everyone is a music playing slot machines so I realize the trick is to compare the multi-line small odds pressure method to maintain the principal, then at least the big odds-pressure line to fight, if there is less to lose, then wait to pay tribute kid, maybe perhaps win the game. For example:

10 x 2 (10 lines 2 times odds)

15 x 2 (15 lines 2 times odds)

20 x 1 (20 lines 1 times odds)

5 x 5 (5 lines 5 times odds)

5 x10 (5 lines 10 times odds)

10 x 5 (10 lines 5 times odds)

Generally, in order to maintain the small 20-30 capital, and then to 50 to fight; but usually will not have a big big come back, so you can be playing from the small, so a waste of capital; this way so as not to lose too much, but the kid can sit around and wait to pay tribute.

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