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More than 50 times between the two Macau casinos - deep understanding of gaming and analysis

From my last published a lengthy review "12th trip to Macau, on the right track!" And its sequel "between Macao year," has now been more than a year's time, I average three times a month during which the frequency of intercourse Macau, Macau has inadvertently go more than 50 times. Let me talk about the whole war, in two years, I was flat overall fighting in Macau Casino The burden of all my expenses, I did not get much from the casino profits worth mentioning. I think most Bo Friends of the pursuit of the dream of a big gap, but at the same time and many gamblers in Macau with the actual record than I have a little comforting space. Next, I will analyze in detail the process and comprehend own fighting could involve some forums celebrities, mainly to talk about their approach and my own understanding, without any attack and belittle the meaning, as ambiguity please understand.

About "lose shrink win punch," Let me think it was a practical issue oldest, is also troubled by the problem of one of my longest. I practice more than a year, are carried out around the center. End Blind bet After the stage, I began to use probability and tendency to look upon the two Gambling This thing.In the beginning, and a lot of gamblers, as the Board will find three main trends: upwind, downwind and see-saw.From a trend point of view, for their past mistakes identified as some of the major wind filling the chaos, the upper hand when the did not dare to raise, lost patience when the see-saw.From the perspective of the probability that any one brand is random, it should not exist when filling downwind wrong, when filling the upper hand on this argument.These two ideas completely opposite, yet have their own basis.He said the trend is correct based on their own sense of playing cards and "losers win shrink punch" this gambling motto, seeing a good way to run away afraid to raise it so obviously does not feel right road really not convinced a raise dead.Then the probabilities have basis for it?There! Try to use the "Win lose shrink rush" when you are not often found flat NOTE win a DOUBLE died, had three off you can always achieve it?For example, there is the new City of Dreams, triple village or busy bright yellow, four with bright orange lights, five with red, from far away you can see, this is prompting you to grab a queue, to do so is based casino what?They are not afraid of it?At that time I really was not sure which side is right in the end, to do two tests (said to be the test, is actually quite a long time I actually play in Macao).The first test I designed a set play, this play has a rating system to evaluate the upwind or downwind now is, if it is upwind will automatically raise and lower the wind will not increase.With this method in Macau hit a few months, the results are not satisfactory, that is when you really want to "lose shrink win red" refined into a possible combat mode, you'll find that you simply can not accurately quantified , when it is neither accurate positioning advantage, when it is under the wind (because often quick conversion), can not accurately quantify the magnitude and duration of filling.Since the "Win lose shrink red" does not seem to give me a higher winning percentage, then I do the opposite of what would happen?This began another period of test, each lose a certain amount of chips, I would increase the stakes chase, in fact, a simple negative chase, lose it and then increase, did not think so but let me win quite a long time, but then I realized I was how to win, in fact, a football, did not break it (about football, detailed below).The end result, one day increase the chase leads to greater losses, the front still win back, I went back to the starting point.Such ups and downs so I finally know the answer to this question, "Win lose shrink red" does not give us the expected profit, even if you control the mind to best manage your money again in place, you still escape no probability chains.The reason is very simple, random combinations of cards on a card and a card under no even a little contact, no matter how you operate, bet it will be pumping, it is timeless truth, but also the casino will survive pour the root cause!

About casino "excess profits", which is a long one problem that bothers me, even this problem is not clear, the conclusion is that a problem untenable. Frequented Macau Yan friends should all know, casino has a high rebate, rebate or even greater than the highest bet play advantage (for example rebate Jimei, monthly 1.25%), we know Baccarat Advantages of small water station dealer is: 1.17% flood Taiwan 1.34%.Casino gives such a high rebate, then consider its operational costs, if they can not get "excess profits", it unsustainable.Initially, I thought a lot of friends and Yan are the same, the casino is not cool by gamblers win when dare raise, transport chaos when the bet to get the "excess profits" of.If this idea is correct, then the casino in obtaining "excess profits" is the probability of not working, and then deep step that we reverse operation, "win lose shrink punch" is the winning method, coupled with the strong psychological and money management, you can beat the casino.Is this really true it?Unfortunately, my conclusion is not the case, through combat and thinking for a long time, I finally found the casino was "excessive profits" approach, and this way we can not reverse.Let me explain, first assume that we have a certain amount of money, the outcome of the results and then every time we bet all marked out by a point and connected with a line, you'll get one up and down the curve, the curve around the middle Under the zero axis fluctuation (because pumping, the zero axis is not horizontal, but slightly downward).In the gamblers win or lose win lose among the funds slowly shrinking, but still there are peaks and troughs, if and when the trough is greater than the maximum time your capital reserves, you should know what happened, yes, you bankrupt and then stop the movement of the curve.Then the trough value, and the difference between the zero axis intermediate inclination is that the casino "excess profits".If the people involved in gambling at half the peak when you exit, and the other half is the exit at the valley, then the casino will not get the "excess profits".Unfortunately, almost all of the gamblers would choose to exit at the bottom, then they have no choice because the only exit, the "excess profits" for the casino.If someone wants to use the "cut Wo" approach, in the peak exit, then congratulations, you beat the casino, the premise is that you can not come back, otherwise this root curve will continue to run the last time you "cut Wo" action, only temporarily stopped the curve of movement, it does not change any winners and losers.

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About "football", had wanted to write about carefully, but written too little tired, simply write two bars. Any football itself can not raise winning, football does not change the long-term winners and losers, only to change short-term results Incidentally, the casino is very welcome to use football because football can be improved with a bet, will improve the earnings of the casino. So, stick with football friends, you please continue, casino welcome you.

So often soak in the casino friends, I have a few words to tell First, remember that the world is calm withheld sentence: go ahead right way to make money, then you can be gaming entertainment Secondly, there is no trend play this going on, here I am sorry once gave me a lot of help, for example: a mound guru, IT99, etc. If you want long-term living by betting that + EV is the only viable way.

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