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The casino now become our ATMs

Entertainment City Various Casino games Are built on precise mathematical model, it is a natural law, is the axiom, is the road ......! Just look at the various casino games seriously settings and requirements, you know absolutely no equity at all between the banker and the Player. Almost always greater than the law of Casino Player, so casino always win!

Player illusion: 1, always looking for a winning program will simply not exist in fact this program was thrown by the common will win a so-called programs, free home enthusiastic response that is as river carp ask... : one plus one will equal 3 if nature is always spring??

Player illusion: 2, the temporary (1, 10 times, 100 times ....) victory as a permanent victory most people in this very profitable misleading illusion, but the final result is often. is once returned to liberation. Its why in? transition probability is irregular linear wavy shape, space-time Player bet one or more of accidental hit probability downturn corrugated receive the benefit, please do not forget that the probability of a wavy shape, its decline must rise, to be rising out of control all but Player one will be all beheaded, strewn with dead bodies, horrible this is the supreme god of the universe! - relativistic magic!

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

Player illusion: 3, as a result of the victory or defeat gambling gambling luck or bad luck did not say that when you understand the theory of relativity that luck will be gone occupational Player masters in revenue every month... , Is he good luck every day? You are always doom?


Player illusion: 4, the correlation between the number and the number as a causal relationship between the existence probability is inevitable, movement is always the chance probability of the chance when the vast majority of free homemade inevitable to.Roulette For example, the opening 30 6, the next 30 will open a 6? And then the next it? ....., Winning today, tomorrow will win? Acquired it? ......

For ordinary gamblers in terms of: You can not set itself daily profit target, so if you can not be very passive Casino as your ATM, today want to buy a cell phone, so it is free to gamble, you pay. It may be the price of a laptop. successful professional gamblers, destined to be lonely.

We must admit that a few people in casino money. Nobody can casually succeed in casino!

There is no victory surgery? This is a global problem gamblers are most concerned about my answer: No John Zhang, Dai Zilang to school!Blackjack Seek out the so-called card counting technique is greater than the value of the dealer 0.6% of the micro-rule unscientific, it is nonexistent.Known various gambling games are built on precise mathematical model, so far none of the gambling skills directly to their defeat.So one-sided pursuit of victory surgery will be the biggest gamblers darkest misunderstanding! Various gambling game setting is to ensure that Casino was the winner, while casino gambling industry is just about the flow of a let gambling platform, the real winners is the result of the contest between each other gamblers, Bo killing the two sides between the larger stakes gambler, the longer, the more income Casino to relativistic Dafa is concerned, when the number of winning and losing equilibrium where the value of non-equilibrium, in which a portion is pumped Casino.Baccarat When pumping Zhuang win, roulette set to 0, all part of the casino to the proceeds, or a huge casino and expenses paid to the Government's high taxes come from? To become a truly first career Player To understand: your object is not a gambling casino, the gamblers themselves, casino just for gamblers mutual striving hard to provide battlefield!

1 = 2 = stakes bet Method Method 3 = Time Concept 1 + 2 + 3 = win

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