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Exciting casino Wars

Shajiao "Senki? "Is the record of a war. We CasinoBetting, Although not to fight, but in fact there is no difference and fight, ups and downs, intense and exciting. In the eyes of all the comrades, betting and war, is the same thing with the same and not be killed, accidentally, will be car crash, Therefore, on the battlefield, we will cautiously.

Recently, with the text reading 戴子郎 brother "bet Travels," a book, I found the most attractive part is the actual process of how he triumph, or 铩羽而 back will surely attract, but victory for the anti-abortion, or win the game plot, Yiling People relish, can not help but chase read on.

A figure also recently encountered a combat, is a friend Shijie brother, to the Grand Canal Casino Play Baccarat Since saw Buried  brand road is not too pretty, it was decided to follow other people to bet, surprise, object selection, and in ten betting shop, actually lost eight shop, only to win two shop, so our chips, but also behind six injection.

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Hou then we decided to change to follow the object, along with a shop shop make money, "Wang Man" bet, this time can turn things around, and in the following seven cards in the shop, notice any of seven, become inverted win One note, eighth note to missed when we blow retreat, the whole fight, and a while back, only eclipsed pumping. The key to victory, in the selection of objects.

Start Wars of Will be some preparation effort and would like to learn some of the strategies in the near future, and will not wait out the cast, these paper, during the test, it seems convincing, as 阿图提 out cable as invincible bet, Write is imposing, but has failed to take this development, which is a fact.

Wars have the time, place and person, Because it is a true story, not something out of nothing, the situation at departure, transportation arrangements, and the characters encountered along the way, there is a considerable place, after reading the reader want to go play, but also what you want, and can avoid a lot of the language, other currencies and time error, it is the vehicle in front lesson.

Wars play meat Needless to say, of course, is part of the war, during which the details, as well as local successes and failures, war no size, how to how brand to brand, text path to, just like witnessed its territory, stone hills, can learn, what is called too, if absorb one in essence, self-mastery can benefit.

Wars of relaxed office, Is to introduce a good place after winning, eat, drink ho to make "street outside money" is impressionistic duties, even in the days missed, also find a friend to drink alone complain reports, very humane, it can be said, a single ready , transportation and accommodation arrangements, tactics, the outcome, whether before, during and after the game process, are memorable, Wars definitely Treasures.

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