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Casino Raiders and Winning Strategies - Article list - Page 3

Macau as a casino than 160 years of history. 1847 has been Gambling Legalization decree.Casino Money was easy, that gamblers who "generous" and some lose Hawker is a thousand million. Of course, this is not the ordinary …… [Read more]

Is announced the results when people are concerned about Kim leading index, recorded a record-breaking increase in a rise of 89 basis points, compared to last year in November of old records, earn 15 pips to $ 100 per point calcul …… [Read more]

Macau casino gambling players have not done a count, the Macau casino to play most basic back 90 percent all lose in Macau to deduct, 500 principal, winning 2000 +, introduced to friends Cheats small win. The following are all out …… [Read more]

A casino in Macau acquaintances, now more successful, said here about his betting strategy.Walking is also the first to recognize in Macau.Later has been online contact, then the author is to ask people cosmetologists, gentleman a …… [Read more]

Many linger in the casino gaming players, there are many people with good wishes flourishes, unfortunately, really profitable few players in the casino, but long-term, investment income earners in the casino, even scarcer When thi …… [Read more]

Once all-powerful God of Gamblers in Macau casinos Yip Hon said a word:Limited transmission, unlimited Win Although just a simple eight words, but contains infinite wisdom casino, a way to explain his knack casino victorious.Many …… [Read more]

Macau has always been a casino, gambling port said, and Monte Carlo, Las Vegas and Las Vegas as the world's three major every year attracts a large number of gamblers in droves, but there are few people can really win in the M …… [Read more]

Yesterday theme "subtraction mechanism", the more excited to write more and more delusional monthly income of thousands, would no longer Zi, the text at the end of Anfenshouji programs, should be more suitable for the us …… [Read more]

Among the casino, there are many superstitious people, friends beetle king is one of them, in one day out of food, he decided to bring to the casino heavily forage striving hard, beforehand, his first visit to one of the city' …… [Read more]

I used to think beauty is not good at the casino with tables and so-called "nun met every bet will lose" (so solitary punch?) ...... The reason is probably because the same table with the beautiful Lai tables (which do n …… [Read more]

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