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Lady Luck blackjack winning tips

Lady Luck Blackjack Nine p.m. ordinary rules of play are identical, but with an additional bet (side bet), additional stakes players can play, you can not play an additional bet.

The stakes are a lot of additional CasinoGame A small bet major stakes (main bet) outside Spain as blackjack MATCH THE DEALER, Pai Gow Poker Of luck, all belong to the additional bet. In general, the additional bet is just a trap, chances of players to win an additional bet is usually less than the probability of winning the main bet. Gamblers play the additional bet, usually because the additional bet odds than the high, good luck when, charge 5 can win 50, richer Gambling Irritating.

Lady Luck Blackjack additional stakes means that players can bet he started to take the two cards is 20 points, which began two cards for the two 10-point cards, such as 10,10; 10, J; J, Q; K , J, etc., or as an A a 9.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

Under the rules, if these two cards are a pair of 20 points and the same flower (such as 10 two spades, two hearts K, etc.), the dealer pay 19: 1; but if the two unpaired cards with flowers (such as a block 10, a Zhang block Q, or a flower A, a flower 9, etc.), the dealer pay 9: 1; if the two cards are not only different pairs of flowers (such as a spade K, a block J, or a 10 of hearts, a flower Q), the dealer lost 4: 1; in order to attract players to bet additional bet, the game also set up a special grand prize: If you start to get the two cards are a pair of hearts Q (which QUEEN OF HEART, is called Lady Luck), the dealer will pay you 125 times the additional bet, if the dealer happens to get first-hand this time BLACKJACK, additional bet odds of 1000: 1, but the chances of this happening much, probably only knows casino.

Learn the lucky goddess additional stakes blackjack rules, many savvy players immediately think, if it will count cards, then charge additional bet goddess of fortune, chance of winning will be greatly increased.

In fact, many players either bet every additional bet, or never charge an additional bet in the long run, in front of the players lost the chance of winning, while the back of the players increase the chance of losing money. Correct strategy is When playing the course, keep in mind the number of cards have been issued licenses in 10:00, when found to have a number of cards in 10:00 cards is much lower than the number of non 10:00 cards, began charging an additional bet, because this time you begin two cards for the possibility of a significant increase of 20 points, interested friends may wish to try the casino.

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