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Discussion on blackjack Macau mentality (c) stakes play

Sands Blackjack Is five cards. I have at home, the five cards back and forth with the front hair. That is, I can see what the next card.

Even so, the number of winners and losers of statistics, roughly equal. In other words, from a combination of licensing terms, with a flat note win Casino Is thousands of difficult to extremely difficult, not to mention free home.

Can not see what the next card will be issued. No wonder blackjack players win lose less. I began to learn stakes law from Baccarat In school. One again. There win or lose, but are not very stable.

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Until this series of books, and, seeing that there are three important points: First: see split innings, 5 times for a small office, the overall situation of every 20 times as a small office, the overall completion of the settlement and decide according to the situation of winning or losing the next. Play a game of two: Sectional Star start, ranging from two-star to eight stars.

Three: Win lose retreat into the idea, though not new, but a stepping stone and the remnants of his concept, the use of it, I really helpful to make adjustments is: 1: Start to change his win four two-star to win eight starts, Because blackjack cards partakers see times, how many more troops prepare .2: at the beginning, to win it with a positive vote, 11231, lose on the use of anti-vote, so that the rapid accumulation of 13631 star power.

Tried several times, really rewarding!

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