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Play blackjack in Macau mentality (b) count cards Crossroads

From Primus, Daizi Lang Chen Jack and many other expert book, I learned a lot of card counting techniques and excitedly went to the Sands Macao said to his wife:.. "As long as not to be Casino Away, definitely winning. "A play, the mood can not always calm, with beat gold count cards, are also considered not what they were.

Also afford to lose this face, then bite the bullet and cope with the basic strategy. I did not expect to play error into error, actually only won three games. For a time, they consider themselves the God of Gamblers later I came to understand, the whole Macau (Sands nor exceptions), all with the cycle shuffling machines, traditional card counting method fundamental game is good, do not worry about other people catch. (In fact, I bet similar people, it is a casino warmly welcome figure!)

Later, my "God of Gamblers" setbacks, actually at the Sands Blackjack Also win lose less. In order to maintain the image of a winner, but to play Baccarat, Winning cover the shortfall.

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

Is strange, I feel odd good playing baccarat, playing playing, many people told me bet.But I always thought that baccarat no skills, they do not want to touch him at the blackjack on a morning once lost 10,000.It is not satisfied, then the test slot machine with 500 Hong Kong dollars, even on three slot machine to win back 12,000 yuan.Blackjack lose lose, net profit 2000.Back with his wife, he said: "Today I'm feeling good, playing blackjack won only 2000 '" One day in the morning met a foreigner, only the first sitting, each 200 yuan base code, separated for a while and suddenly the next 2000.Once also opened three 2000.Actually in the eight ten times.I have been puzzled.Cycle shuffling machine since they could not count cards, that is what caught foreigner opportunities?

I have been following him, he changed three sets, before and after winning nearly 50,000. When I pressed him with his big bets also 1000,4 won three times, and once in a Black Jack. I want his shotgun instead of prey. Big Brother Big Sister can tell me how true?

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