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Roulette "good luck" and "bad luck" dividing line

Usually we entered Casino When the mood is stable;

Then get on the tables, along with gambling proceeds, our mood began to change,

The first is "good luck" in coming: we will step by step implementation of our stakes law, feel good, not wrong, as if we are a strict implementation of the,

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Kind of like a good execution winner! Profit target completion until departure, go back and tell their own friends like Ares process !!

Oh, do not forget, but that is "good luck" With the results ...

The second situation is "bad luck" in the coming: first we'll stick with their established stakes law,

However, as time goes on, the situation constantly being "killed" more and more chips out, feeling like a knife inserted into the heart of the kind of pain!

We may not want to perform the stakes previously established law, and wait for them to lay down a big bet back a previously lost chips !!

Oh, very strange, but why the more you push the big point, the more happy when you kill, 6:00 pork was 7:00, 8:00 9:00 lose!

Our body heat! We sputtered us .. !!

We Qing Dynasty of ....

Summary: you hurry, so "bad luck" started ...

"Bad luck" Start indeed there was a clear dividing line

In gambling in progress, "bad luck" Start indeed there was a clear dividing line, in my experience in ----

It is the "bad mood" or "very angry" or "very impatient", and then the old want to press big bet!

I would like to lose from "Qing Dynasty" is not far away!

"Bad luck" and "good luck" these two things come and go very strange, do not have a clear grasp of the strip frame people,

Not by mechanical action to grasp the "good luck" or away from the "bad luck"

Therefore, most of the gamblers caught in naturally, in "bad luck" comes, bristle big bets died !!

We can do? Estimate face grasp luck is not particularly good way,

I think, when I gamble in progress, had "a little angry" when the mood, do not play the best,

If more gambling more fun, then you are doing 'good luck', a multi-play for some time, until the "angry" to leave immediately,

Doing so in the end there is no good? I do not know, or you can try ...

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