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Casino Games return rate analysis

Makers Casino Theoretically, the advantage is that the odds against making money wagered is always the chance the player is smaller than the dealer, each different Game Play has a different rate of return or house advantage. Today we have to analyze the rate of return and the house advantage under different game to see what the game easier for the casino to make contributions, so win or lose yourself aware of.

The first and most do not recommend you play is keno, this game's return rate to 75%, which means that you bet $ 100, the average contribution of $ 25 to give the casino.

Rotary table A lot of people play the game, you do not need to have any skills, there are many types of bets, but players should note that there are two general points roulette and has a zero two zero American Roulette with two zeros, It reached 5.26% house advantage, while European Roulette has only one zero, about 1.36% house advantage, players try to choose to play European roulette.

Slot machines are the most popular games, many species of fun. Different slot machines have different return rates, in general, in the field of casino slot machines return rate of around 92%, while the network Playground The slot machine is the average rate of return of 95%. There jackpot slot machines return rate lower than traditional slot machine, the higher the return rate when some slot machines online note higher.

Sic Bo Is a popular ancient Asian game, play word size is 2.78% house advantage, any betting house advantage should increase the number of other games are played.

Blackjack A strategy game, before a lot of expertise in card counting is by playing professional blackjack player beat the casino, many casinos are ongoing for licensing, by card counting has been difficult to win money. However, the advantage to the dealer The blackjack player of the game is the most suitable, as long as you follow certain policy actions, basically can be done to reduce the house advantage to zero.

Finally, we introduce the most like to play Asian Baccarat Baccarat is one of the smallest house advantage of the casino game. In the case of the eight decks of cards, the house advantage is 1.06% Chuang bets, free betting bookmakers advantage 1.24%, flat betting bookmakers advantage 14.36%. In a lot of computer simulation results after the flop, the probability of winning village was 45.8597%, the probability of winning is 44.6247 percent idle, the probability of occurrence of a 9.5156% level. From here you can see the flop may result Trang sex should be large, which is why many casinos have to bet on the player winning village received 5 percent fee, Betfair Casino received only 2.75%, but there are some countries, the player can not join.

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