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Lottery advantages and disadvantages and stop-loss principles and significance

Lottery ordinary as an ordinary person, it is inevitable has the following characteristics:

[Irritable] [overwrought people person] [] [do not worry about the outcome of the people who control it will not be strong] [person] [] [workaholic people do not listen to advice of the people who get carried away] []

At first glance it feels a disadvantage under mortal beings, almost all in the standings, in other words, without the transformation of the person is not suitable to participate Betting Such investment ranks. How can ordinary people is the center of the opponents?

Lottery success, there must be a politician horizons - to guide the overall rate of return; banker's mind - there must be investment income only; theoretical economists - to understand financial management and maximize the efficiency of capital; investors patience - waiting to yield a positive moment; strategist of courage and determination - the opportunity comes, the hand on the shot.

Since the lottery is always one real person, in the contest and centers, in addition to Game Outside the rules, there are still between the Lottery and color city strengths and weaknesses. Faced with color city, to know how to grasp the advantages of Lottery avoid disadvantage.

What is the advantage to talk about the lottery:

1, color city lottery every day, year-round basic endlessly, Lottery may at any time without restriction into the city out of the city, the color of the city really can not and need due to profit and closed.

2. Totals may selectively underground injection arbitrarily subtract stakes, but can not Gambling.

3, the conditions for preferential high rate of return.

4, can sometimes Lottery betting on credit, and the center has had to pay cash to the Lottery.

As for the Lottery disadvantage, we have to learn to cognition and treatment:

1, the infinite lottery number combination, lottery bets are limited.

2, the implementation of many types of turns lottery system, lottery individuals can not fight with all kinds of color.

3, the lottery without emotion, mood lottery there, sometimes difficult to control.

4, the lottery is an organization of organic operation, Lottery but mostly alone.

The yield advantage is the biggest betting, play a decisive role in the advantage, from the yield advantage to talk about betting skills are nothing but the end of the free, the source of water. As long as we have patience, follow overcome color positive yield principle city calmly with the betting Heart, fully grasp the advantages of the Lottery, so the advantages of color city can not succeed, beat Cai City beat the dealer is not just the God of Gamblers movie only do things.

Sense of balance is greedy heart nemesis hero sad beauty pass, greed Off Lottery sad, if not feel greed, why would people physically and mentally tortured involved in the gamble!

"Greed" is the word from "today" and "Tony" word composition, meaning quick success. "Greed" is the word from "Forest" and "female" word composition, intended for the woman, such as forests, Decipher boundless. Why novice often winning the battle because the novice to play just for curiosity, fun, does not worry about the outcome of the heart, before greed has not grow, do not get lost;? Because the initial surprise winner already let him overjoyed to find places like aftertaste that Jianqian surprise has been a priority.

Know how to give, will have originally belonged to your things, greed and poor word only word almost, overnight outbreak of greed can cause excessive gambling. As the saying goes, eight is immortal. In fact, we just eat Liu Cheng, it brought the matter on the land, into the pocket for security, but also into the pedestrian visibility magical because not always catch the big top, you will be able to marvel of dull. So to become a winner, first we have a sense of balance.

Gaming and other business rules for success are different. In many areas, the "pursuit of excellence", "Pinbo aggressive", "seize the day" is the threshold of the essential qualities into success, but in gambling activities, maybe " willing to flat, "" just leave "," forever "is the golden rule of creating successful in other business pursuits, it may be" almost take on it, was only one, "but when the betting, it is the" take almost wherein obtaining the proper. "

No Lottery did not lose money, no one is invincible. To know that there are too many color city uncertainty, the Lottery to learn to size up the situation, timely rest according to trend changes when the dealer Forecast to strict self-control, and never easy Huozhongquli never greedy "knife-edge licking the blood"; in the limelight when the dealer too quickly, and should know how to avoid good at avoidance, and the dealer does not recklessly, we should remind ourselves, ready to stop this is our big advantage, "good. avoidance "is a state, after only understand and be good at avoiding, to a long-term foothold in the color market.

When you walk into the color market, you want to win more than lose less - win or lose less, we must continue to stop, all on your own. So, how to have a timely grasp of their own, "expectations", a vital topic When the opportunity to shun can win without mercy, it appears repeatedly, the expectations should be lowered, just leave is victorious generals. for opportunities along the expectations are not too high, because the opportunity to shun there is a limit. So, because, because of the machine, because of the situation, because of the situation to adjust their "expectations", have hope, have hope to win.

Color city business, regardless of seasons, and the annual basic round, must be calm, calm to the right, into the city and out reasonable arrangements City time, the length of a day indisputable general streak of not more than three principle. Keep the spirit full, morale will be strong, wealth always with momentum line, besides a clear head in order to make the right judgments.

In Cai City, you will easily get by their emotions and psychological impact, the most common is two yuan in the award of the "temptation." In the betting process, winning inspire you to want to win more ambition, losing money arouse you desperate to have it back fishing revenge. Many do not know how to cope with the "temptation" of the Lottery, eventually led to defeat because of greed and back. So, know how to control time has become the focus of betting skills, which include know winning when the when to quit, when losing money when the leave.

Therefore, you must be prepared to overcome his "human weakness" of a color response ShangXi.This is the former winning and losing bets preset upper limit, must not be due to hope to win more money or to recover the lost money and go beyond this limit, so you have a chance to win the prize ShangXi.Fairly easy to say, but it is unable to do ordinary Lottery.The temptation to recover the lost money lost often make you lose all reason.Thus, capping a losing money, as is I hope you fail, leaving a reflection allow yourself room for error.Finally, we might think of it, last time you lose a lot of money to go when, whether because they can not control the "temptation" comes from the hearts of the?

If you are missing ship, entered the city on the hit color, gambled away the basic funding allocated to each period, you should wait time in the past, seeking to restart in another field. If you win in the process, at any one time Latest capital failed, also should not hesitate to end betting, smiling from the city, it never has been put into the pocket of disposable original capital, which is the lower limit of the output loss strategy - do not exceed 50% of the capital, such as the transmission of more than half, whether it is due to what causes, or to immediately leave the city for good.

In the betting winnings go easier, more difficult to lose money to go, which is a weakness in most Lottery. In this case, you must mention the 2002 Nobel laureate in economics, is a five Gambling Heart forbearance, etc. , steady, relentless, roll.

Tolerance, patience is to have the ability to do without the advantages do not buy, do not buy no confidence, no luck, do not buy, do not buy no chance, to remember "tolerance" in the straw, forbear a forbearance, the number of weird showed no law to be found when the forbearance of the past.

Etc., is to wait with confidence when Confidence comes from an accurate understanding of the rate of return, the experience can help you analyze, calm emotions can help you make a decision, I think the most inappropriate time messy bet. Wait for yields greater than 0 moment, you can bet or big bets, we have to wait, wait, wait, wait we dominated the limelight for quite a time of arrival. constant concern in the lottery in the report can be a large number of note to mention understanding the recent lottery easiness, stupid people should know that they are not stupid, thousands of people in the country millions of numbers in a choice of 10 wondering, you can think of will have thousands of people thought.

Stability is to secure, stable and should not be betting, betting grasp the rhythm. The reason may retain capital strength, we can attack the big bet when shipped, Fanben purposes, the truth is better than a thousand thousand ten thousand win Win one thousand much easier.

Ruthless, that is bet to cruel, yield positive bet to be ruthless, but when the yield positive Quinella bet to be more ruthless, do not miss the opportunity had three off, because color can not play every day, nor win We will lose every day, so be sure to seize the opportunity, when conditions had to be ruthless.

Roll, is profitable to do to reduce or stop buying inputs, losing to know the temporary stop to buy, there is life, there is hope. No matter how much money you play the lottery, there may never win the thing every day violence , so be sure to know at the appropriate time to go, Shen days sober analysis Technical indicators symbolic as a warm note to buy a few, it is best to control to buy 10 times, winning once you can go, too late bet.

Stop the principles and significance

Prior to that point the way to say stop.

First, that these two days out of leopards, many people doubt the authenticity of award rate of return, in fact, this is the most so-called technical school Lottery cognitive errors. Accustomed to their own subjective judgment to measure everything around, accustomed to as the center of their own will look at the issue. If the color ball 1234567 open, you believe there will be a lot of people hit the jackpot? I have seen people, regardless of time every day to buy leopard matter not out to buy, but every day people buy. usually you can think them stupid, but a leopard, but to open up, dumbfounded is you, because at least from the historical data, the leopard open a few times every year. From this point, they hit the jackpot just a matter of time.

Secondly, he said Jianguang Si problems, many so-called experts are always worried about their numbers published announcement will be ringing off the hook out of the machine, if the person brain is no problem, it must be too arrogant.In several awards I do not know bragging up.Not so much how you sneak in a few thousand times out?As for his own blame is not in the exposure of their own number of people it is not, it is amazing.3D now sold nationwide about 40 million of it every day, and that is at least 20 million note, on average every note number to be beaten out 20,000 times the.And you bought one, but several dozens note or note to you that even if you note a few tens of hundreds note number can affect the 20 million injection?It is really too much.Better to play the United States 3D, soon be over estimated by Forbes China Rich List of.

Speaking again much or how little problem. Always someone unrealistic expectations, saying that as long as the money, play 3D is can not lose. There is an old saying, is not reported, the time yet to come,Gambling But so, Although he now scenery, the next person may shortly be swept out and perhaps he. Las Vegas is not a rich man's paradise, but hell wealthy, money is the basis for playing the game, It is not guaranteed to win the game. Those losses of hundreds of thousands of people how the loss of? Do not think that is wrong packet number. wrong is not a package, but your greed you afraid. Frankly speaking, more money can It shows that you may lose more.

When it comes to the question of.Stop stop, the literal meaning is to stop the loss, your loss is only paid within the program, rather than be additional losses.I believe that everyone do not plan to put his entire net worth of a ride into it, unless the person has been a desperate.Speaking pear or loss from t-bar, here to please forgive pear t.But the pear t itself is a very typical example, I do not know the specific circumstances pear t, but the present situation is concerned, it is clear that they are all contrary to the principle of speculation, the risk of losing control caused.Number 5 itself is cold, and ten 5 is cold in the cold, you talk like this number to play, equal to you in high-altitude operations.Do not give yourself any safety measures.Undoubtedly is a terrible consequence.I think he is certainly not the intention of starting to think there is such a long time, that is, it did not advance to the worst case estimate.Of course, there is no measure of how to deal with after the worst of the situation.Here it involves a stop principle, the basic principle of individual stop understanding that what you do based approach, on what basis can be played.Make a plain example, you go to a strange place, of course you are accustomed to from where opinions out there, or else you can not find the exit Once inside, the only blind wandering.How to do after getting lost?Customary route or want to try to recall the time.Why so simple truth to this speculation will be the court had been entirely forgotten it?You find an object, initially fancy his honest, to Hello.But after marriage, he suddenly turned hostile.In fact, he was not honest, he was good for you just a surface phenomenon, just trying to get Piandao Shou.In other words, you did fancy him like his basis disappeared.It does not exist.This time, some people will choose some people to swallow, always wanted to become a good future, such a person is bound to ask for it in the future, no one sympathize with you cry.And some people faced with this situation is to act decisively, divorce.Break up.This is the best choice when off constantly, there will be troubles.That is the truth of it.

Stop is the same reason, I've said that no matter what you do, as long as you mind open enough, you will be able to comprehend by analogy, you can make your expertise to work for you.Not what you know is.And is that how you use what you know.Back to the lottery, you feel you or your judgment or analysis, ten 5 will be out in five days, you certainly have their own reasons, so good.You will go according to plan, but walked the first five days, plan expired.Ten 5 not yet out, how do you do?Test of humanity at this time really began.At this time I began to expose the nature of the.Wise to stop as planned, it would be unwise to begin to find their own reasons.Began to comfort themselves, began to intoxicate themselves.In case tomorrow out of it?Talk day for it.OK.Still not out.Put added.The vicious cycle begins.Bankruptcy or fall begins from here.Of course, do not rule out holding chances after crossing their planning cycle just as quickly turn over the.But this mostly depends on your individual luck.But, more seriously, so to give myself a serious sequelae.Here involves the meaning to stop.

Why should we stop? Stop for now or for the future? Personal understanding is not just to stop now, even more importantly, for the future. In other words, although you now stop loss, but its your future speculation and operating practices there is a strong inertia. It makes you more rational future operations. Of course, you will also stay away from bankruptcy even bereaved misery. Stop the significance lies in the kind of luck completely abandon yourself psychology, acting entirely in accordance with their principles, I believe that your loss will only be temporary. If you always remember the way you used to when you get lost, how will it?

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