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Gamblers' experience: The real answer - there is absolutely no way to win gambling in the world

I used to think that there must be a way to win in the world, but I didn't. Now I know that there is no way to win in this world.

The sure-win method can accumulate more and more wealth through technology. Think about it carefully. There must be more than one person in the world who can study it. Once this person wins enough, or tells his relatives and loved ones, he will definitely More and more people will know.

But so far, no one has asked baccarat to modify the rules, which means that there is no way to win in the world. The rules of baccarat are mathematically seamless.

The only chance of winning for many billionaires has been wiped out by means of pumping and limiting redemption.

A person has a winning formula. When he wins a lot, or for other reasons, he deliberately tells many people that the casino must change the rules, but so far, it has not.

Many people say that with a 10-year cycle, about one person in ten thousand people will win money. I agree with this sentence. But this winner does not have the winning method and the winning method, nor does he rely on technology, but has excellent luck and can win almost every gamble. Even with negative margins, 10,000 people are flat, and 10 years later, someone still wins, but everyone else loses. And the only thing that wins is luck.

Don't forget that the lottery two-color ball is so difficult to win. Almost every lucky person wins the first prize of the two-color ball. Is this a technique? It's just luck. That is to say, if 10,000 people buy two-color balls for a lifetime, there will be one person who can win the first prize of the first bet. Does he have the winning method? By technology?

So wake up everyone, life is so beautiful, why torture yourself so much?

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