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Betting Guide: The myth of occupational Betting

Many people on career Betting Correct or incorrect or too romantic myth, let me do some clarification.

1,Baccarat Professional gamblers?

In online forums often see self-proclaimed professional gambler or legend baccarat. These legendary gambler become the idol of hundred fans, dream one day to be able to buy a house in Macau Casino...... Just find the ATM withdrawals that must be password (invincible cable, light, win road, cutting Wo green ......)!

Criticism on the network the most interest in me admit that they are not professional users A baccarat gamblers, not the average profit at baccarat, but to ask the way to find coupons survey claiming 11 Pizza Hut baccarat, baccarat can prove was defeated (although he will not admit their own A Winning) There are also "espresso" and claiming to be able to knock down Baccarat ...... ...... but the method can not be disclosed in a network message to me provocation.

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Popular myth is there are ways to win baccarat, but not publicly reacted to avoid the casino off lucrative ...... like Blackjack Professional gamblers blacklist exposure, blacklisting, or to deal with the casino in a continuous shuffling machine.

The more truth to say more clear, I have repeatedly written text wish baccarat experts on facts, to discuss whether there is an average of profitable baccarat method, but only got a response or abusive Baccarat "writer" can not be privately admitted win ʱ??

I propose again here I think of a hundred "mystery" in the hope hundred lost their ways.

a, no Baccarat blacklist

If there is a real baccarat Pizza Hut, such as 11 A survey (34 people have 11 should theoretically have tens of thousands?) Smart casino will allow it? There are tens of thousands of Pizza Hut and not "a blacklist? Truth It is likely to be "one" one at all.

b, there is no "open" technique to win

"Father of blackjack, Thorpe no capital / willingness, long-term profitability by Blackjack (counting cards is actually quite boring) therefore announced blackjack card counting method. If there is baccarat win surgery, must bury deep into unworthy / impossible to dig to get Hundred fan dedication I admire, but according to the last four or five years the world's casino baccarat earn huge profits from the point of view, it is clear the majority (million per 99.99999999) one hundred fans will be disappointed apparently not cost-effective.

c, there is disclosed mathematical and statistical formulas, proved no win surgery

Blackjack pen to paper to assist not Huai memory / calculation because the human brain alone can already beat. At present the number of scientists have proven system to move a "super" computer in the gambling table, you can not beat baccarat, and more Most hundred fans will eventually prove disappointing.

d, the basic transmission rate is many times baccarat blackjack

The basic transmission rate is the basic threshold of a gambling drama whether defeated. Baccarat basic transmission rate (1.25%) is much higher than most of the blackjack tables, a hundred fans do not know how to play "and" (transfer rate 14 %), "pair" (input rate of 8%),Rotary table(Output rate of 2.54%), size ...... could not understand why the play baccarat?

2, blackjack card counting is to invest

Investment emphasis on basic, many people want to do this with very little gambling blackjack, many casinos have failed to do, some people do not want to use the 100,000 yuan to buy stocks earn several hundred thousand dollars a year, I would like to use fifty thousand yuan a year from blackjack to earn five hundred thousand? bookie played with a little big, the reason most of the passengers failed to count cards.

But most of the people (all of them) to no experience and did not grasp the "investment" (eg bet blackjack), of course, should not all of a sudden a lot of money to invest, so the key is not how much bookie, but expects "appropriate" . Take ten thousand earn ten thousand a year has been pretty good, and reasonable expectations hundred thousand dreams, causing bet too big, with predictable results.

3, the world's gambling drama much

Neither more nor less. Casinos are franchises, most countries in the low profit big competition, relatively little pressure management, loopholes. Many people can not imagine the floor beggar nation, everywhere goodies casino (for A early fall, the exchange rate loopholes, discount coupons) are "book house of gold" living portrayal.

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