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Two Betting enemy - greed and impatience

Betting Also for several years, after an initial period mess, then basically chaos under then hard to learn a variety of play, to the current stable of your own game. Along the way sad that only you know. Recently would like to summarize some experience for newcomers to learn but also for everyone to explore. Today, the two enemies to talk about gambling. One is greedy, betting a lot of people come to set a goal, such as 500 left to win, but to really win 500 time, many people thought more of the next hand, win a little, which is greedy.

You know, gambling is a losing bet in the long.The longer the greater the probability of losing the one hand, because the probability of the decision, on the other hand is playing for a long time people have become sober.Here to give us some recommendations.1, hoping to profit before the war scheduled stop bit better stop.Upon reaching the set value of its own.People immediately go, do not violate their own set of rules.2, on the stop position of the stop profit setting.Here everyone's situation is different according to their own habits to set in here offer my own set position.Stop: Do not stop, gambled far, actually deposit money into, and just want to sit gambled ready intention, if you want to set the stop position, not as small depositors point.Only the profit: Principal doubled to leave.Such benefits: Principal doubled and expectations gambled all equal.If you long to play down the number of times larger than the victory of the Qing Dynasty and you'll profit.Personally I do not like to set for about 20 percent similar to the only profit microfinance.Here is not to say, we can understand what.

The second point is impatient. Mainly manifested in two ways. First, think betting irritable mood, and he has experience, I am a white-collar workers, to work when thinking about betting, from time to time out of cell phone, take a look at what happened to the forum What promotions, etc. A few days ago I published an article general content is the highest level of betting:.. "the hands of a bet, a mind free from gambling." I looked at everyone's reply, a lot of people do not understand the meaning ʱ??

And we took the opportunity to explain here.Hands bet, meaning he has been in the betting among no matter for what purpose, to make money by betting Ye, Ye entertainment.Mind free bet, this is the high realm, meaning from the heart down the betting, gambling is not anger, not for betting joy.Put it in front of a small thing in life to treat.Then pull a bit far, that these are wanted to show who is impatient heart, gambling, gambling does not fit the amount of performance.It is not an exception, still improvements.The second aspect is impatient in gambling among the most outstanding performance in losing time, this is the test of a person's best time betting, impatient people tend to think of the big bet Stud Out back. I am running out of patience.

In fact, here you can look at a simple analysis, under the assumption that DC is not a case of cheating. Luck is in fact betting account of the relatively heavy weight. Even losing money when black prove you are unlucky, but you non-cults, Doom red, you can say so died? long run also lost badly when the best way, flat note or a small note to slowly lose money to spend even dark cycle, you need to know in the law of large numbers, win or lose the number is not that much difference, waiting for the opportunity, when the increase Forecast master code. achieved a positive return. Then someone will ask questions, and how to judge their own luck? Oh this would be talked about in betting Master Code using the knowledge of the.

Unconsciously write so much, many of which are themselves valuable experience, but also dedication Oh. I hope everyone has to help, personal use and own master key play if given the opportunity to talk about next time.

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