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Currently stable earnings of $ 1 million each year in the United States, working 10-month break two months, this is the first for four years, until the end of the twinkling of an eye, as if nothing special feeling. Saying for five years considered a modicum of success, continued 10 In considered stable. I have just started this so many years diving visiting various forums, have never been back to the post, did not registered, here registered a number, but also all right to talk, sometimes pretending to ask the question, Haha, give yourself some fun? fate dictates? may also be because too lonely it ......) from 2008 to the present, from successful businessmen to embark Gambling From blind blocking, basically bankrupt, and now I, too middle story, from Texas Hold'em To Blackjack And finally to Baccarat, now that I think is really interesting, and you to share it, if you have succeeded, and I like stable earnings, and that I should be a mirror of the story, of course, you're the person in the mirror, If you do not succeed, listen to stories, find it useful to school to learn, I feel useless when the whole fart, just spray, I do not care, but will not refute you, I just laugh it off where the first note, this is my In the Chinese first post is the last one, finished the swan, will not write.Without QQ, not-for Information, do not sell anything, you do not mention my money, I really do not lack.Destined person, contented, missed, you can not read.Of course, money can not buy you, because no one will sell you, sin sin, nonsense and more.

I come here to share their stories just for the following two reasons: I promised one here know very congenial friends, talk about their true story to him, to write something to him I want to prompt you again, there is no find the right way of people, baccarat is entirely can be cracked, you can find so-called + EV.See point 2, many experts might have laughed, I laughed, how ignorant and ridiculous feeling, not......From the beginning when I was here, and now back here, say six reincarnation after death, he will not yet be alive?Haha, really marvelous.I came back, I found the answer I wanted.what about you?Still wrestling, still struggling, still win or lose win lose it constantly cycle?Well, we start from here, saying that not apt to crack a little, then we change the cracks before the story begins to see through how you prepare for the next, the tea tea, drink Red Bull ice the go, take drink I have a cigarette, let me think about where to start......On it from the beginning you are very interested in two things, it would not be regarded as "Introduction", the first to say 5050, then the legendary "rope off win, the cable continued also won".

188BET - Win Grand Prizes Here!

The first is 5050, and I really admire very respected, distinguished expert on the issue of breaking the so-called 5050 and how to improve the hit rate for their time and effort, I was really.But I have to say that if in the wrong direction, to stop you on progress, and I also really want to win money, go to change their way of thinking, or think of ways to improve their ideological level.Wall Street is crazy, a lot of their thinking are difficult to understand, but they are constantly make money.Playing baccarat, even 5050 did not understand, stable earnings and where to start it right, the world itself is contradictory, there is wrong to have, if you accept, pair may be wrong, wrong may be the right, is not it?There is beauty there is ugly, black have white, spring and autumn there, there are summer and winter there, animate have died, from the day you were born you doomed to die, no matter how good health, can not escape death.Back to Baccarat, there have B P, B N kinds of random arrangement, there is the corresponding N kinds of arrangement P, within much of what will be in the hand....How much will the internal energy hand, will not be able to hand over the number, you tested many million SHOE constantly cable, there will be tens of thousands SHOE broken cable, which is then how to test cable, you will use a continuous off and You're the reason puzzled.Many of my friends quilt in here too long, drink all wake up, go under the new awareness and understanding of 5050, the world of the "Road" is not to be changed, and Baccarat, only the winning or losing, it's that simple.Someone will talk about "long term balance, short term trend to" seize short-term trend, you can increase the relative hit, over time, you can stabilize a profit.Again, how many times you can catch the trend, the trend is the opposite of how many times you will be able to pit, or 5050......Many flat cable can master a short note with "cut Wo green" long-term stable and profitable, their disposition and "cut Wo green" tolerance is not an ordinary person can understand, they rely on the same iron discipline and reverence for 5050 was able to survive, win or lose win lose by the number of ongoing suffering, only they can understand, I was once one of them of winning or losing and 5050 understanding is fundamental, not to take a few yards away soon lose a few yards, it is the inevitable chance, but this is only "phenomenon"......7 If you still want them to rely on short-term trend is to improve the hit, then you but the "phenomenon" confused when you lose money when you want to understand someone winning, you lose how many others will win much, but you I do not know, every day more people go steady profit, why not you winning?Because your mind not to that realm.I am here to say "law of large numbers" do not tell "pumping" not to mention the "Casino Advantage ", because these are not the main reason we lose money or win any money. Losing the main reason is that, unable to resist a strong short-term amplitude, or the long-term sustainability of the amplitude, it can be said that not a reasonable cut amplitude, Or say you and casino play whoever gambled away Game But unfortunately, every time you always gambled first.(I do not mention here can not control their state of mind and emotional reasons, what sustained negative chase overweight, those 1 cent profit and stable relationship are not, do not stick side, not worth mentioning).Win money because the brothers have not really understand 5050, or do not understand probability.Heard of stocks and futures experts talk about "known 5050 hit, so long as the outcome of a smooth and uniform distribution, you can easily gain a stable way.".I add, to make a smooth and uniform distribution of the outcome here, or by 5050 or 5050, it also lost, but also to win it, is nonsense Ha, but it can make you lose, you should learn to use it to make a win , see, or 5050....../ Friends, and I said do not open B open P casinos have won, opening B pumped out of water, open P pumping Dark Water, the final winner is always the casino, yes you're right, but you will be able to change the thinking, like, like a casino destabilizing profit.Why the casino do not care about winning or losing, but you do not care about BP care?The depth and then think about how much money to even think about the casino, I tell you, every casino you earn $ 1 to use funds more than 100 times to earn a chance, please note here that there is opportunity, You can also say that the probability of winning, but also put some Supreme 5050 compared to the "luck" "not want to understand it, then the next time we say the first two primer: the legendary" cable break win.Cable continues to also win. "

Tips on the final 5050 I give here, he would not mention, please write off my own little experience to understand.- You see, throwing a coin is 5050, you admit it, you have to be able to say it was pure 5050.Each hand is purely an isolated incident back baccarat, baccarat Why does not every hand finished on the new shuffle recurrence?Have you considered it?"So in a SHOE card in, 6DECK or 8DECK is fixed, the value of each card are fixed, are fixed rule outs......I want to say here is pure right 5050?Or that there will be any necessary connection between random 5050?If so, by what is to contact?Look up at the sky, you see the sun, but I saw the moon.

Then and share "cable break to win, also won the cable continues," filed cable, Macao version explained that "you want to go to heaven do?Please use the cable you, do you want to go to hell?Please also use the cable bar "Remember I said above, do 5050?Here and there, it is really as people love to hate, there are subtle understanding.Someone asked, is not the same cable, different people use different methods used, the effect is quite different?Someone asked, is not their use is not a cable on cable, so the effect is different?But no ongoing cable ah world?There have broken cable, which are constantly breaking win, where to start to die with these questions, we first review under various predecessors and expert tips given to us, where the first note, these words are not 1 person say, they are in the stock, futures and various investment fields Diocesan people out of the line, I just cited, nor is it I said, my brother, and they are not a grade, but through their continued efforts to understand tips they give, nothing more.I did not go to inquire what, these are my memories and not necessarily the exact words, but the meaning is no problem."Zhuang busy unimportant, so investment law is not important" lose I win, I win or win, in short, win or lose, I win. "" If you want to understand these two points you can do regular baccarat win, and winning or losing is What is win, what village is busy?It is the probability of (my answer) "What cable is?Is a skill that you level thinking determines your level of use of the skills and grades, "" low-level cable is designed to recoup their losses, high levels of cable purpose is to rewrite the death map "1} 1 straight cable...Know...Time and space..."The more long, the more miserable you will be" 4 "Advanced cable at the time of death Figure constantly attack, can be done to reduce the loss, or is no loss." "Through the conversion time and space, in exchange for interest", a person go to a a place to fish, fish today, tomorrow no fish, someone somewhere to go fishing, have fish every day, but how much of it, someone somewhere to go fishing, sometimes more and sometimes less, sometimes there, sometimes not, then a People constantly change places, or fishing. "I do not believe I am the most fortunate, I do not believe I am the most unfortunate, because I believe in luck." "I will not every hand went down, it is the luck of abuse"."Casino afraid cable, cable afraid of death chart, diagram fear death luck, luck by waiting to send money to your hands, ah!"

Probably so much, I can think of, but enough.Why are these senior expert to beat around the bush, trick, but also prompt us to stop it?At that time I think there can not understand how, if they kept useless tips dry P ah, nothing to make me play with idle?If Useful directly put out like ah, here kept XXX, XXX (TM) I really just it! But now I can fully understand their intention, to be honest, they said so much, it is so separated layer the windows of paper, just draw a few maps, a short time may anyone can understand, who can instantly comprehend I never thought things.Who can be like fishing, like to play baccarat said to apply for money to play as it is no exaggeration......'Here, I would not say that directly speaks to everyone, but I would suggest, with my understanding of standard Mandarin......Why not reveal because, speaks of you is useless, not to the heart and mind, not through the trials of time, thinking not increase to a considerable height, you can not control, to you, you still lose.When you hear the cable, if you think the 1-2-4-8 or 1-3-7-15 and so straight cable stairs cables, whether negative or victory into the chase, wrong! The cable hit a trend into wins, concentrated negative chase, wrong! multiple trends RBI, right or wrong! to think about the direction of death figure, what the cable will eventually encounter death diagram, how to use cable to rewrite your death diagram, so as not to attack, or greatly reduce seizures the chance to go in this direction to think about.

Tip 1: "cable break to win, also won the cable continues," is not a form, but God, and we are talking about God and the invisible, is not fixed, then the cable refers to our level of thinking, your thinking to a hundred Knorr How many kinds of changes, you can create how many cables, with how you play, you win, of course, one is enough, I'm just so to speak, to illustrate, the cable model is not fixed.

Tip 2: the final product cable, first lose or do not lose less, on this basis, profit naturally followed the cable end-use of the time, with the time for space, with space for interest so you play. The longer, the greater the profit opportunity ......

Tip 3: -------- + ---------- + ------ + --- + just one such victory road, but need capital group 10-15 yards, three kinds of results, 1 tie, 2 gain four yards, four yards profit + 3)

Tip 4: Keep in mind that the cable will break sooner or later, there is cable had broken, which are expected, the problem lies in the cable off, you must get this income is greater than your cable.

Winning, here I is not quoted, because too many people win, they have and hold the win of their own law, there are people there to win and win the law.Whatever the method, as long as long-term and stable profitability, we can win the French call it, as long as you set the profit model is Winning.Levels of thinking you have determined the level of Winning.Like martial arts, Emei Ye Hao, Wudang worth mentioning, or house divided against itself will point juggling skill, you can feed their families, walking dead.But still there is a higher level of martial arts in secret, ultimately learn, realize and come to their senses, depends entirely on you meet are not satisfied.I admit, too you know something I do not know, at the same time, there are many things that I understand you may not know.Winning here that the law is not a windfall, but income 1.About 3% to 3%, but is stable and continuous, and to pay a considerable period of time as the price.This 1.3% 3% that we have been hard to trace baccarat + EV on "cable break to win, but also to win the cable continued." So much, I will not mention.I share the mentality of two primers are all before the end.If you have not seen what you want, not realized Winning your own, do not worry, the next start, I'll take you through time and space back in 2007, I went to the blind bet.

Next update just want to see this man concerned over the issue, I at first to respond.My main concern is mainly flat note, the base code 1000, the maximum bet at 8000 never more than 8,000 rarely wins forward, but never negative local chase.Each time I enter the casino for-60 group code.Do not stop, just only to win, to win much see mood, look at the time.My vote is the cable type, you can also be interpreted as not vote formula, of course, is not indiscriminately, I'll wait for 5050 to me, it gave me something, I'll throw something, do not look at the road, do not look at the potential, do not travel desk , just waiting time.How many hands are cast in accordance with the time to decide how much profit.The time it normally takes a minimum of 4-6 hours, if I do not go up to 16 hours continuously fought you made, I ledger profit or break even.Is profitable, how much profit I finished the story you do the math.* This is part of my and your idea is completely different, I'm not here ledger, you lost is lost, you now get is what you get now.Lost will never come back, and now the profit is more interest for the future, rather than the original in order to win back losses.Personally, I was so understandable.

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