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Ten thousand hours gambling law

English recently read a best-selling book, the author is Geli Wei, the title is called "alien", he carefully observed several successful people entering the line, after the tireless hard work of what the article cited the familiar Beatles, Mozart and Microsoft's Bill Gates as an example. Description winners have their own unique reasons, the most important is the extraordinary efforts that ten thousand hours rule.

Attu especially after watching resonance, because earlier in this column written article, "one thousand 1000", it has the same purpose, as we all know one thousand 1000 What is? That is one million too, want Betting Process, or Casino Or any work to earn 1 million, non-extraordinary wisdom and hard work there is not.

Identical bet magic Daizai Lang, is a typical example of his Blackjack Card counting technique, travel around the world continue to use, far more than more than ten thousand hours at work and more art cooked, naturally outstanding achievements, combined with his books enjoy betting more than 600, at all times, nothing to learn, learn and have into, then there is today's results, the ten thousand hours and one thousand 1000 law, eclectic.

The Beatles in 1957, when they in February 1964 in order to enter the US high-profile, a full seven years, during this period, the band civilian musicians nightclub UK and Germany, for example, when low-cost labor, but it is rare internship opportunities. They are the biggest benefit concert three times to go to Hamburg ballroom little monetary reward, the largest harvest forced by the environment, must be seven days a week, eight hours a day in different ballroom, kept singing, so they When you go to the United States, has a total number of hours accumulated on the stage reached 1200 hours, this is by no front, the rear also a rare record, industry, diligence.

Geli Granville recognized that the world and as musical genius Mozart, he was 6 years old, although it world famous composer, but his works handed down, mostly over 20 achievements in 30 years, which is about 20 years continuously creative, the results obtained only genius such as Mozart's achievement is also active with the ground, indivisible.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, have the opportunity to have free access to a computer at the University of Washington, on condition that he helped UW computer center, interpret some software over a period of up to seven months, he was seven days a week, eight hours a day, Total spent on this host 1557 hours. Later, he banned the use of this computer for some reason, but soon, and later co-founder of Microsoft Paul 罗阿伦, UW School of Medicine found the computer during non-peak times, they can be for free use ʱ??

He has the opportunity to use free computers and residence within walking distance of a large computer center and Hua Hua Faculty of Medicine, also only a few people have this convenience, when Gates decided not to enroll in the third year, from Harvard dropout founder of Microsoft, he has There are a total of seven consecutive years over a million hours of experience in the use of computers, Gates thinks people worldwide have this opportunity but 50, in line with the basic elements of the success of "ten thousand hours rule."

Ten thousand hours law, refers to whether you want to achieve excellence, in what areas, ten thousand hours of hard work is a must, whether you are a composer Mozart, play the music of the Beatles or whether Gates writing code, we need to have a few conditions, in addition to the extraordinary talent, but also to be born every time that the climate is suitable to play, you have to chance, and the last is hard work, no more than ten thousand hours of skill, hard big business success, gambling thing versa.

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