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Online gambling winnings Experience

Online Betting More than six months, just calculated my account revenue, profit has nearly 20K $! Because of their financial problems, although there is not much savings, but after all,Casino He won so much money out. So now to be a summary of it.

Recently do down, profitability is also more than 10 times the principal, and I conclude, then, several methods are mainly used in combination, I never start from a method used last.

I think the casino and people, but also emotions, and Gambling Like war, the ultimate goal is to win! So when I gamble, starting from the overall situation, do not care about the process, to be the result, so I will combine "Art of War", from the overall situation, the winners and losers of each brand as a fight Each campaign, and then take the appropriate strategy, the final victory!

So I summed up the following "Count":


I only won a lot of hands, he will "get angry" and then I ate a lot of hands in it ate me, I deliberately lost it under the minimum bet, what brand should, BUST far! I was born until Blackjack Or several successive hand 20:00 till! I would consider the maximum note, and it will continuously make great note. From a rational perspective, this would disrupt the so-called software program from the emotional perspective, which would allow the dealer becomes "proud "and then it very hard to detect, in a short time to win! This is the" proud soldiers of the count! "or" Yuqin Regardless vertical "the plan!


I play Baccarat As long as a number of hand-sets (note:! Is a single person many hands, but not more than Taiwan), I certainly meeting multiple hand sets, if you use the first count unsuccessful or income is not ideal, I would use "Tiaohulishan" the plan! case for the first count with one hand, is to fight with the dealer, if it is a blog, but it, too, as if a head down the Tigers, I would immediately "Tiaohulishan!" let it go down the mountain Go for a ride, immediately turn multi-hand, usually 3 hands, this time you will find that "the mountains no tiger, monkey, said King," seize the time Henzai one! Nothing to detail, and to experience through practice, not more.

"Go for the count"

That much said, if one twenty-two count are invalid, leave! Where there is life, there is hope!


After every time I win, I'll give myself up to my own luck, took a 10% profit, to pull the slots! Lose lose, and once in a self-satisfaction award, leave! " pilfering "!

"To wait at Plaza"

Gamble to bet on their own and funding well in advance of the management and allocation, I like to do some undesirable wherever he goes high dividend, since the dividend desirable that the casino will not easily let you take away the bonus, so I now do basically desirable bonus, all done undesirable high dividend, playing cool, too cool to win, but lose a little of it, generally also 2,3 100. If you deposit 300 to send 300 bonus and the desirability deposit 300 to send 500 The undesirable dividend let me choose, I would choose the one before, and now I am sure that this will make me choose 2. Because there is more space to play in front of a few dollars.


I like to use the money to gamble to win, so once felt in the form of clear, then I will, "looting", and won 10, 20 I was at the meeting, to win another 50, 150 ...... lose but win another 10 only Oh, but how we can catch this form, that is not clear, we must go to obtain experience through practice differences, experts and non-experts on the other hand, to analyze the form, seize the opportunity!

"Standing on the sidelines"

This account is useful in Rotary table And Baccarat a class, you can in multiplayer table, or a single table with a red and black simultaneously charge or village busy to get data, "standing on the sidelines" or "sidelines!" A critical time to take kill! Then continue wait and see, I saw the opportunity a few blog!

Summary: From the overall situation, to win the final victory, do not care about winning or losing each game, do not care about the damage a single soldier, "could not bear children, sets the wolf." This is the similarities between online gambling and the art of war.

These are only personal point of view, more precisely, should be a personal experience, for reference only! Not win law!

We hope to give hard time now, in a difficult and confused phase knife faithful to inspire and help!

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