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Betting mind control players

Betting Pay attention to attitude, patience. Today I see myself dressed as a man selling vegetables, selling vegetables, selling salt fish. As a result I did not expect but also greatly improve the hit rate of .1 mosquito 2 mosquito in pairs and to like vegetables Gan, very interesting. Zhuang busy also hit rate, really strange.

Recently comparison Baccarat versus Rotary table Found that better control or Baccarat. Roulette in up incredibly, but the focus is not on the liquidator soon. Note that shrink code baccarat downwind, the downwind add a little flat note on the line / do not have negative chase, because there is confidence in a shoe, the victory must be more negative. Just take a little time nothing negative to recover easily accelerated clear bags big risk! Why bother? players the most important issue to preserve their strength!

Tiring, very hard sell salt fish! If you lose, you still can not compare with the salt fish guy

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