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Texas Hold'em Club in real life "props" players

When Dane Rhodes told people at his work, people can always see the eyes of jealousy. "Many people want to do my job to make a living." He said. But the few people qualified for this is that some people called Betting The industry's most difficult task.

Lodz in Texas Hold'em Club poker, wages by the club, but every day he's payroll are in jeopardy. Lodz and other "props" players club poker tables to fill the vacancy, the club payment of remuneration by the hour. However, they must use their own money bets, tipping and paying pumping.

In Cripple Creek Club poker room operator Brian Pearson said, there is no such employee, the club will not be able to achieve successful operation. Such work helped Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Crazy Pineapple and Stud Poker Game Rise, and keep them thriving they are very necessary - they helped a lot.

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Although some props players spent eight hours a day on the table, they say ordinary playing cards on the table and is very fair, because poker is a game of luck and skill mix. And any game of skill, like, into the pot would be at risk. Rhodes said. But some have questioned punter.

Props player vs childcare

Colorado law allows the club to hire props gambling players, but other industries and employees, they need to get state licenses. However, to understand the difference between props players and childcare is very important. Prop player by the club issued a fixed number of rewards when to work (up to one hour in Colorado $ 15), they use personal funds to gambling, self-financing. Childcare is the club's money to play with, and must be turned over to win money. In 1991 the rise of the level of life Note Betting Colorado childcare is legal, but the state legislature repeal this provision. Since 1996, childcare will be banned.

Then ultimately the right fit problems. Professional poker player and former California prop player Xue Li Rosario (Shirley Rosario) wrote a blog. With childcare words, "making a profit by this poker game is There are risks and undignified. "she wrote," Because props players are using their own money game, the dealer will not be funded players in the game and suffered any risk of falling prices. "

Props players and card room childcare since appeared, there has been. Today, they are the most common place is independent of card rooms. David Schwartz (David Schwartz) Gaming Research Center University of Nevada said this club and the players have an advantage, he said. "First, to ensure that there is always a club game start." Schwartz said, "For the players, this means that there is always a game you can play."

Props players exist primarily to maximize revenue for the club. Their work helped the dealer continued to charge pumping, or because some of the money provided from the game and take the pot after the .21-year-old player started doing props Taylor says Urban Many years later, he is still doing the job now, rely on this income support his wife and children. "Club found that in this way they can improve the hiring action." He said, "My mission is to help increase the pumping ʱ??

We are not gunman

Cripple Creek Colorado 3 cities provide betting players know one of the regulars props players there. Live in a small town used to play games Diana (Diane) in an interview asked not to reveal her last name, she said non-prime time, such as weekday mornings, few poker players visit the game. "No props, players, people will come in, take a look, and then went away. With them, as long as a few players will be able The game opened up, without the need for individuals 5,6. "This means that players do not need to wait able to start the game. This means that the club can earn more money.

While props players can often play games, but may not be able to prevail, Diane said. "They and other customers," she said. "We will be defeated. They are not more good players." But another reluctant Dan said the name of the player to Cripple Creek when traveling to say, "If you're always in the fight, you should be pretty good. I'm in Arizona cards Indian reserve, never heard of them." he said, referring to the players when the props, "I do not know how to think about this thing."

Pearson said, visitors usually are not familiar with this concept. But he said, this is not a secret, because according to the law, the club when asked to disclose their existence. Poker is the only club in the game and a player does bookmakers confrontation of the game, therefore Urban said the game lineup is more average number of "We do not sit down when gunmen opportunity for everyone are equal - they came not to do charity, they had come to beat me. ʱ??

Patience and discipline are key

Props players hope that through this work to support themselves, but this is not easy. On average, the players insist on props for only three weeks. Pearson said it was because of the pressure. Pearson said he saw two people in the first He resigned after the day of class.

But still it was a success. Live in Cripple Creek Rhodes was a landlord, who since 2000, has been at different clubs as props players. He said that if not make money, he is not doing. "A beginning three weeks, I lost money so I thought I could not do then, I have changed their style playing cards, "Rhodes said he absorbed the characteristics of poker players usually do not. - Patience and discipline.".. you To force yourself to lose a license, do not play bad hands, because within eight hours of time, a good brand will always come. "he said," if you're too aggressive, you will lose money. "

Urban has its own tricks: "generally make you a winner mentality - instead you're smart or good at math - but do you think they are not losers." In 2008 voted by a hand raise the maximum amount from $ 5 rose to $ 100, the poker pot can quickly accumulate hundreds of dollars but there is a thorny issue:. "You must be able to sustained profitability." Rhodes said.

One of the drawbacks of this work is to give up control - when there is enough on the table regulars when players, managers will be asked to vacate the position of the player props props Rhodes said the players need to play very well at the time, left the game, there is no other choice. . "We in the game tables and serve fewer people, then is the hardest hit when the table full of people, we have to leave. When the weakest players gambled leave, we return to the table." Lodz He said, "That's why this is called the toughest job."

Props players were also asked for customer-friendly and gentlemanly. "We would talk and joke. We will ask for each other's families. This is not just the money, but a social experience." Urban said. You have to really like poker, to put it as work, Urban said he also has under Colorado law issued dealer license "I'm very good at this - all the necessary technology for me is born." He said ʱ??

However, players do not props Gambling Addiction issues, from the Bureau of Prisons prison system department retired Richard Warren said. He currently from Las Animas home to drive to Cripple Creek as props players. "You will reach a point, unless wages, Otherwise you do not want to play, "he said." Because you do not have any money to cushion losses. "

"Overall, the deficit will be higher than earnings, but the number of money in different ways. So you will win $ 100 this week, next week and he lost $ 100. You just want to be able to balance the like."

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