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Macau casinos Texas Hold'em Office

Carry Macau Texas Hold'em The time is not long, probably beginning in 2008 spread, and before that, Waldo Entertainment City There have been electronic Texas Hold'em, this electronic poker church a group of people playing Texas Hold'em, after several large Playground Start spotted the bright future of Texas Hold'em, began in 2008 to apply for Texas poker have photos, dealer training, open space management poker, this time starting from the beginning of Texas Hold'em in Macau popularity, the number of entries APT, APPT continues increase, it also attracts some of the world players come to play.


Lisboa reason for the "new" Lisboa, because before there Lisboa Casino in Macau before 2002 Ho Group monopoly Betting When the industry is probably the most Lisboa Casino in Macau regressed, and in that time the monopoly, the entire Macau is not strong sense of service, guests will be charged for a cup of coffee and entertainment in the city. Later, after the world's major gambling Group stationed in Macao , Ho Group can only advance with the times, in 2007 the construction of the new Grand Lisboa, 228 meters high, a total of 44 layers. And whether it is new or old Lisboa, Lisboa, have enhanced sense of service, and will not again ordinary beverage charges.

Grand Lisboa Macau is probably the first to be licensed to carry out real Texas Hold'em, in July 2008 when I first went to Lisboa play Texas Hold'em, Texas Hold'em area located in green gold layer is about eight poker tables, Blind from the 10/20 to 50/100 range, constantly changing place later, now temporarily fixed in green gold layer Rotary table And between local toilets, divided into two areas, one area specifically for racing. Cash desk area about 10 a few tables, blinds still 10/20 to 50/100, but many guests are here playing blinds of 10/20 or 20/40.

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Lisboa quite professional poker dealer, they are the first to be trained in a number of Macau dealers, and they inherited the dealers native style casino in Macau, often at the table with the guests chatting, joking, engaged in small talk , it does not have idle hands, doing the doing. Some people among them also responsible for the edge of the poker table and a learning church guests interested in poker, to introduce them to the rules of the game. Those just From Baccarat People down on the table in the table after a brief understanding goes into the poker room began to fight, to play Texas Hold'em when baccarat.

Lisboa blind due to the current low level, can not attract high-level participation in professional poker player, so the overall level is not high. But now Lisboa and Pokerstar jointly organized APPT and other professional events, and he is every two months organize a "Red Dragon" to strive to regain lost ground.


Wynn go completely Western-style course, is Macau's first Las Vegas casino mode, these United States to Martial Law, set of hotels, restaurants, retail, leisure and gaming in one, the transformation of the entire gaming industry in Macau surroundings.

Wynn apply according to Texas poker than Lisboa late, but come from behind, at least on the number of poker tables and blinds, it is ahead of several other up.

Blind levels are lowest Wynn 10/25, the highest on the 3000/6000, catch HSP (HSP High stack poker is an abbreviation, is an American television program file, the program is to invite the rich content and professional poker player live cards, they then do the recording and broadcasting) the level of the last year I have witnessed in the Wynn table 3000/6000 level cash games, an average of more than 200,000 in the pot. Later poker Wynn opened a special VIP area, specifically for these large level blinds players, recently went to Wynn, also saw two people singled out in the 1000/2000 table.

Due to the high blinds, Wynn has attracted many professional poker player, and therefore the level of Wynn Hold'em area is relatively higher. The atmosphere is more serious, where the sunglasses, scarves and even masks and other equipment is also very common, I know some of the pros It is a frequent visitor here.

Wynn is currently successfully applied for a license Omaha, Omaha landing Macau, it should be a recent thing.


Geographically close to the interstellar Wynn, from Wynn side door out on to cross the street.

Interplanetary a long period of time after the operation in Texas Hold'em are quite bleak, poker room to play often in unmanned state. Interstellar dealer is not very professional, licensing and computing speed pot slower, but also make some a stupid mistake, a recent trip to interplanetary, I saw in a card table, the dealer put the pot of chips were pushed to the loser (who, if you are the winner, this is the case, you can contribute to the Casino Complaints and surveillance video calling application to find out).

StarCraft recently lent the venue "Poker King" shooting, and "Poker King" cooperative a "Poker King Club", now just go interstellar poker, will be distributed a "Poker King Club" Diamond card, and out of poker room, you can show the card to calculate Diamond Game Time, like to work as punch, enough accumulated a certain time, you can enjoy a variety of promotions, such as free hotel rooms and the like interstellar; interplanetary every so often will be drawn in a lucky player, the distribution of 1,000 yuan in cash awards, each night there is a maximum of 2,000 yuan prize card type. It would be to save some of the initiatives interstellar tide, the current effect is quite good, I recently went to interplanetary, interstellar poker room moved to the third floor, playing cards, people have 7 tables, From 10/25 to 50/100 has three levels, much better than the original.


Venetian Sands American investment in Macao famous, bringing together more than 300 Grand Canal Shoppes shopping district, eight thousand square meters of spa and circus resident of Sun City, all to attract tourists from around the world.

Venetian operating Hold'em is a recent thing, blind levels from the 10/25 to 100/200, and now the popularity is not high, probably related with the beginning of operations, but the Venetians natural strength can not be overlooked, their vast background and business gaming experience, let us believe in the near future where the Texas poker room will have sprung up everywhere.

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