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Summary Hold'em novice players often commit ten errors

Error 1: Play too many starting hands many players have no patience to wait for a good hand, fold in a row for a long time, they will be anxious impatient and began to play some not worth playing starting hands.Texas Hold'em It is a great need for patience Game, No patience, it is best not to play.

Error two: the wrong location of their own play Texas Hold'em, your position relative to the button is very important hand in the same position when the front and rear positions have entirely different play button position is the best position because of all the... players bet before you raise or fold, you can decide how they bet based on each player's actions.

Error three: consider themselves born will play Texas Hold'em poker game is different from other D-Bo, which combines mathematics, psychology, body language, self-control is one, no matter how you think your own good, there is always a need to improve to improve the place.

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Error four: too emotional during the game you have to control their emotions, rather than letting your emotions control you especially lose big time in the big win, a lot of players easy irrational, emotional, or to win money lose, or lose even more.

Error 5: miscalculated their own strength and can withstand the pressure and the players and play 5-10 tables 20-40 on the tables may be completely different, choose what stakes game with you on this stakes game. and the player has a lot to understand, from a low stakes game starts, after accumulated some experience in playing high-stakes games.

Error Six: too much attention to their hand and ignore the hype Remember, Texas Hold'em, playing cards is not in your hands, but your opponent the same cards, face a different opponent, you can have a completely different play. , so understanding what your opponent is a very important player.

Error Seven: playing too regularly you study your opponent, your opponent also in the research you too if you regularly play cards, make it easy for opponents to guess your card in their hands and therefore the strength of the process to be playing.. be made from time to time some of the elusive movements, opponents in the end you could not guess what kind of players.

Error Eight: do not know when to leave the table that, when you are in a big win or big loser is particularly important, whether winning or losing, enough is enough, remember: you can come back tomorrow!

Error Nine: Texas Hold'em no grasp some basic knowledge of probability it's like to drive, do not know how to shift, the acceleration Shique deceleration, the back Shique forward, would lose.

Error ten: entirely based on its own experience playing stone hills, can learn other people's experience, knowledge, network information books, readily used, can be less take many detours.

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