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Macau casino Texas Hold'em Practical Guide

Blinds major poker rooms in Macau highest range, the minimum basic in 10/20 (25), not a lower level.

At this level, the lowest purchase limit for each poker room is not the same: the lowest is interplanetary, 500 yuan, which means you spend 500 yuan on power.

Poker is a poker room operators to achieve profitability by the rake, each game pot, as long as 100 yuan, the poker room should extract 5% commission, the commission 100 yuan cap, that is, if the pot reach more than 2000 yuan, They are drawn 100 yuan.

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Macao's major Entertainment City Business Betting Project, I only see two Game To rely on winning strategy, one is we play Texas Hold'em One is Black Jack (commonly known as Blackjack, Referred to as BJ). We usually call these two games have positive expectations. Have positive expectations may rely strategy game is to win, while a negative expectation game will lose a long-term play. Needless to say, in addition to these two games, other projects are negative expectation game.

BJ usually require you to have super fast computing power and probability knowledge, usually a person can not complete strategy use, therefore, BJ professional players usually gang crime: a few people sitting around a table, the victims of a small note, under protege Big Bet, in front of people bit by fast computation and signal, suggesting that the people behind this want to license, surrender, scoreboard, doubling or suspension, to achieve profitability.

BJ's is the direct source of profit entertainment city, the player wins, Casino would lose. Therefore, all the world's major casino ban BJ pros admission, of course, if they found you're a professional player.

Texas Hold'em is not the same, the source of profit is the other player Texas Hold'em, nothing to do with entertainment, a good player, will usually build a pot large enough to maximize profit, while pot large enough rake more, therefore, Texas poker players, regardless of occupation non-professional, are welcome.

Big casino will provide free food and drinks to guests of some, drinking water is absolutely free, or take himself called the waiter to help will do. From this perspective, Macau urban areas do not have to buy drinking water is thirsty left to the nearest casino to take a few bottles away; most casino offers free coffee, milk, bulk beer, juice, tea, and of course the drink Red Bull is to be charged; this is similar to a sandwich meals, there are some entertainment City is provided free of charge.

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