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Any Notes Best Tips Texas Hold'em

1. Too many hands to play starting hands: in a standard 2-4 US dollars Any Notes Game You should have 20-30% of viewing the flop ratio. That is, in the first position, holding the hands of AJ when folded, the intermediate position holding KJ fold rearward position when holding QT fold.

2. The table of selection: only play your game advantage to sit down in front of the table, you need to have at least two or three weaker players.

3. The "battle of wits with the players": be sure to quickly analyze the opponent: The times when who play cards, who folded in the face of attack, who at the time took bet, who holds a weak hand and get a license in hand with big bet, bluff will who work, who bluffs, etc.

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4. "bet or fold": fold or bet / raise (in the case of your dominant) if there is no good reason (eg to trap the opponent), you should avoid the call.

5. The most seriously big bets and raises: in particular on the turn and river especially in the case when, because most players do not bluff.

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