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Texas Hold'em has become a master of a few must go through four stages

1 foolhardy Stage This stage is characterized watch brand to brand, the feel to licensing, such as A3 short, as long as the card with A's psychology is full of happiness, but after the flop all the dreams are thrown into a drainage ditch. In short this stage It is characterized by the word "feeling."

2 exploratory stage of this phase is characterized got some to licensing laws, know when to license the band A should be, but still can not get the account value.

Experience Risk Phase 3 This phase is characterized by the need to master the skill cards, understand the principles of the cards, simply means that everything is clear. This phase is characterized by the big loser after the big win accompanied by even bankrupt.

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4 long bet will win Stage This stage is characterized by small amplitude value of the cards account a high success rate stable from experts have degenerated into no trick trick "machine."

Here I want to remind that, certainly several major losses to appear before entering a long bet will win, please forbear a forbearance in this intolerable situation, because you do not go through this process you can not understand the principle is well The importance of the law.

According to the theory that we have access to experience risk when entering the final stage but long bet will win stage it is her thing and I hope you are able to enter this stage.

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