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Any injection technique Hold'em preflop

Most of the time, you should hold the big score on the card (AA-QQ) and suited connectors (AK, AQ) at the same raise / reraise, so that low scores on the cards and a variety of different flowers even with cards for the flop cards to pay for it. Remember, if the opponent catch good cards, they usually have the opportunity to double down (although many beginners do not realize this, there is too much pre-flop fold ʱ??

Holding the best hand. In No Poker If the hands holding the second best hand, but "hot pursuit" of dismay, will pay a heavy price.

The most filling control in 70% and 100% (typically to three times the big blind bet stake is equivalent to 80% pot bet amount bet), so that the licensee good Players bet raise or save the next call. If the first bet big blind player in front of you, you will to 4-6 times the big blind bet raise.

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CAUTION strong tight players (for example: if sitting in a powerful position player raises, when you are holding the hands should fold AQ).

If very weak players into the pot, just like notes and they went into the flop.

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