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Any Notes basic strategy of Texas Hold'em

Any Notes Texas Hold'em The biggest difference between Limit Texas Hold'em is the location and brand value.In No-Limit, the position to be more important, because your decision will bring greater impact stacks.If you are in No-Limit position caught by means of a player, you can win all the chips opponent, rather than in Limit poker can win some more chips.Any note you play poker, the big suited connectors, such as the value of AK, AQ and KQ will be reduced, because holding the hands of these cards, you are more likely to win small prize pool, and lose large bottom the prize pool.Also, when playing No-Limit, the value of all cards will increase, because when you make up with a score of two hole cards and community cards, you can earn double the chips bet kitty.The big pairs, AA and KK, also in No increase in the value of poker, as you once again have the opportunity to trap someone for his whole stack.

In No-Limit, keep records of your opponents bet amount on the table is very important. The changes in the number of chips Game There are a great way to affect the following are some examples:

You have $ 500 and your opponent has $ 25, the blinds 2-4 US dollars. You sat in the big blind position, holding the hands of JT, and your opponent sit in first position (called gun against the position of the head), moves all bet and all other players fold. Obviously, in this case, you should fold, because this time you are definitely the underdog, in order to win his last $ 25, to be more to come up with $ 21 is not a profitable adventure game. If your opponent also has $ 500, you can follow suit, because many times, the opportunity to bet $ 21 to win $ 500. As to whether to call or not according to the opponent after the flop play good or bad to decide.

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You have $ 1,000, the opponent also has $ 1000, the blinds are 2-4 US dollars. You hold hands QQ, bet $ 20. Your opponent (action on your back) will now be $ 1,000 bet entirely, unless you know the opponent No AA or KK, otherwise you should fold if your opponent in the same manner, and the entire stake is only $ 60, then you should bet the entire stake in each other, followed by injection, and the best hope that he does not AA or KK.

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