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Renren CEO On Texas Hold'em: guts + luck + technology chips

Renren CEO Chen Yizhou in "Love everyone" in the description, the Internet is playing Texas Hold'em do: pretend to have good cards last encounter people who gamble, kill him; do not flush, do not easily and money than you people all-in; there is, to simmering several factors in this game, guts, luck, technology, chips are winning.

After the successful listing of all networks, chenyizhou cause of all employees in a letter said, "the entrepreneurial process, we encountered numerous difficulties and obstacles, we did not give up, no sorrow; fell, got up, and then the road", and public offering of a summary of his more than ten years experience in business and management books "Love everyone" on his own business intelligence carried out a comb. (End)

The following is Chen Zhou in "Love everyone" six times in the book mentioned Texas Hold'em details:

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2007-12-29 12:41:32

Texas Hold'em is a year ago in a meeting with the air network Baise Yang Ning learned Play once, a little lost.

The game originated in the United States I have stayed in Texas, reflects the place wildcatter ("wildcat prospectors") to explore the kind of adventure when oil, spiritual gambling. I exploratory well, the few adventurers Dudu luck, there is no As less oil tycoon J. Paul Getty (Paul Getty), Boone Pickens (T. Boone Pickens), etc., they are relying on to play Texas Hold'em pot of gold won.

This game is to play well, of course, good luck, but the technology is even more important because not only depend on your brand, but also to guess other people's cards are good, some veterans did not get good cards, but will be installed to make this game It becomes very complicated.

Game to the end, bet automatically increase, and as commercial competition. Money is not enough, the automatic wash.

Encourage companies to be responsible for money, is responsible for spending money, responsible comrades strategy in his spare time, tirelessly practice. This is the best combat exercises.

2008-03-18 08:20:25

Engage in the Internet is playing Texas Hold'em: encountered pretend to have good cards last gamble of people, kill him; do not flush, do not easily and wealthy people than you all-in; there is, to simmering.

2008-03-19 10:42:26

Continue to play Internet Texas Hold'em: not squeezed licensing money, jealous but do not understand the rules of poker small players; They are suckers attention wealthy chiefs, so they stink out cards.

Long gas than anyone else

2008-03-19 11:02:27

Engage in the Internet, doing Companies like playing Texas Hold'em:

Each a game, the last only one big winner: for example QQ (Tencent), Baidu (Baidu).

Just-office good luck, advantage is very large; for example dry thing done early (such as QQ), or melt into the capital early.

When not good cards can not be all-in (full charge), otherwise all bets are off; such as the Toshiba HD-DVD (high-definition digital video disc) and Sony Blue-ray (Blu-ray Disc) competition.

Good cards when others may have their own good cards: for example, there are three common cards even along the time, no one could make up five Lianshun.It's like when you throw money out the video site wind.Can not even lead paralysis: the watch brand watch brand, the pass (through) to pass, the all-in on the all-in.That money on erratic, immediately call your money.Big guys come, do not play Texas Hold'em with you, billions of dollars to pick you a million, how do?We have Spartan spirit: when a hundred, a one hundred dollars to get rid of the big guys.Just to stay ahead in the game, do not make mistakes, natural forces will solve all the problems.Spartan spirit gabba Buffett spirit, continuing to maintain, you can not take anyone.Engage in Internet, dried company, than one o'clock size, more than anyone else long gas.

The three most important task of CEO

2008-04-22 09:17:41

After solving the problem of food and clothing, CEO of the most important tasks are:

1. continue playing Texas Hold'em poker, look at the market each year send us a card and bad, too;. Brand in general, read the cards; cards well, all-in.

2. engage in cattle talent is the biggest bottleneck in the development of enterprises; CEO take the time to vote in it: to recruit people, keep people, to motivate people.

3. To engage in product close to the user, checking every detail of the product. Shi Yuzhu only do this one thing, giant success.

More research fails, expect less successful than others

2008-06-20 10:00:47

Success Methodology:

1. Multi study failed: reason for the failure to so few, so-called roads lead to Rome, try a standard.

If you figure out which road will lead to failure, not enough. Most people feel that they will never fail, do not study, so instead most likely to fail. And the way most of them fail and, like their predecessors, did a little innovation . Texas Hold'em is the cheapest way to experience failure, play more.

2. how little research over other people's success.

Same way to go beyond an already proven success is almost impossible. I know how Shi Yuzhu is successful, but I can not be copied. The only advantage is to know the big world.

3. Learn advanced is needed, as the first study and then beyond, otherwise no chance.

The best way to learn to multiple industries, mastery to work, each place a 20% increase. Successful approach to fight a portfolio most likely to succeed, minimize risk, but also for mere mortals like us.

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