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Slow play Texas Hold'em technology

Who knows is used to slow play a hand of cards with weak hands strong play to disguise after betting circle, your opponent to your actions in only one of two reasons: 1) their cards already make up some interesting betting card type; 2) they believe medium-sized cards have been good enough, because you had earlier betting circle cards.

In turn usually used in slow play

The flop is the best point using slow play. Becomes increasingly small value for slow play on the turn, and in the river should not be used in more almost slow play!

In turn the use of slow play, you actually give up the opponent for you in turn in more money, so you must have a good reason to encourage you to do so. For example, if you have a strong When the cards, do you think your opponent's weak, and if you bet they'll turn the cover off the card, so you want to used the cards to lure the opponent bets on the river, there is a note it is better than nothing also do not have!

However, this little clever tactics, many players will think it is the strongest card in hand when the turn should be checked in, then go down the river a large raise. I think this is because of poor play They only focus on "filling." I think they really enjoyed the table confidently said to "I want to raise!" At that moment brings pleasure. They slow play and give up on the turn from the more . name opponents the opportunity to get more money in the river, and in the end only one opponent might think should or should not raise with you - anyone generally will choose to fold.

When they only care about on the river under bet large sums of money raised, your attention is on to build the pot by any chance. Do not bother in the "flashy" slow launch, because it will make you less final win Money (due to missed betting opportunities). The following article will make you stop to think about slow play, unless there is a good reason.

When your opponent is in the number of small bets in the pot

As far as the title, if you are a small number of opponents in the pot caught bet a good chance to fold, then the slow play is a wise move, but if your opponent will follow in turn and the river Note that this will have no grounds for slow play. For example my pre-flop raise with As-10s, the flop came Ks-9s-3h. My opponent bet and I was trying to get a raise in the turn a free card. My opponent again at this point I raised, I call at the turn came a 6s, he had a hand. This is extremely slow play correctly in order to play after he had card. A lot of people do this because they want to raise on the river in.

This logic has two problems. First, if you take the main opponent on the flop, I can assure you that when I bet the turn, he would call, even if he is 90% sure that you have There are flush, so why should it bother Been to brand it? Second, the river may be the fourth spades. If this happens, you think he will in no case a spade talk to note it? So this case with the slow play, your hand can win outside in addition to the last really no value at all.

Multifaceted way out of the pot

Do not use the slow play in this case. In Texas Hold'em Transit brand is the most important part - in many ways, especially the way out of the pot bet here is double, but if your opponent still has a chance to upgrade their cards, they tend to call when. When you Marketer big, in which case you would normally get additional benefits.

For example, if the flop is Qd-10c-3d-3s, and your cards are 10-10, the opponent has the following 11 kinds of cards will call: AK, AJ, J-9, KJ, QX, 10-X, . 3-X, Xd-Xd, JJ, KK or AA in this multifaceted way out of the pot, there are these cards against you if the river came 5 hearts, you will only face five kinds of cards: QX, 3-X, AA, KK and JJ. Therefore, note cards with your opponent on the river that can be used is significantly reduced.

So in many ways the way out of the pot, in fact, have in turn when the big hand should be to keep the offensive, which has a good chance leads to two or more opponents call without filling. In the river, they are not to hand scrape not straight cards to call! So why wait for them no chance of winning the draw when not ask them for additional stakes? In Texas Hold'em this is there a better suggestion?

Do not indulge in turn use the slow play, just to raise the river in. Finally you can on the river from a player in the quest to obtain two note, but you have to give up from the turn in the four wait charged four players draw NOTE opportunities.

Brand strength improved half scare

I deliberately raise this point because I occasionally see opponents combined to slow play a hand and a half scare to play.For example, a player armed with As-10s in the rear position.The flop came Ks-Qs-3d.Players in front of him checked, he bet to create a semi-bluff.Three opponents call.In turn in to a piece of 7s, other players still had cards to him, then what he should do?He checked to switch to slow-play way! This is very funny.If you bet a flush draw, then make up a flush draw on the turn, and then bet is not bound to reveal your cards.Be sure that your opponent will suspect you a flush card, but that does not mean they will not turn the call.You actually have the best hand will not be defeated.Why do we want to stop betting?Because you can spend on filling indulge you in the river?Forget it, as you can build a larger pot.

When your card when you do not stop getting better and better

In Texas Hold'em certain strange things.One example may be noted that this point, but not often.Cards before the flop is 6-6.The flop came A-10-6, you get a bet with two players of note.The turn came a 6.Now there is one important thing is unimaginable, because you took four 6.In this hand which has an opponent turned over A-8.Poor his position, so he could not bet on the turn or river in.He only had cards and call.If you spend slow play on the turn, this player will never make repeated filling of the behavior of the river.Therefore, you should continue to bet on the turn, and disturb his train of thought.In this case, they never think you have four 6, so why not in turn lead to more betting.When you Marketer very strong hand, do not automatically spend slow play your bets behavior closure.

Do not bet on it as often leaked note cards thoughts in his mind. I recalled where the hand when the flop came 4-4-9, and my hands turned over 3-4. I bet the first place , because I think my opponent is likely to call in. So I think, as planned, the turn came a 4. I bet again and get two opponents called. On the river, and to the an A. Again, I bet and get raised opponents in this process and show bets did not reveal my cards. Obviously, they think I'm just a 9.

Likewise do not ignore other people to use slow play in the flop, the turn to take the offensive in.Which I once on a flop of AA-9 handheld AQ.I bet and get a number of opponents call.In the turn, a Q came, after an opponent where I used to raise brand strategy.I reraise to fight back with him and get on the river once in another call.This is the name of the opponent with AJ and use slow play after the turn of the cards, I used to raise.This is because I did not use the turn in slow play, so I use this hand to win four big bets (three opponents on the turn and 2 on the river).If I fell in love at the beginning of the use of slow play, I will only be able to win two big bet in this hand, but he has the potential to get more! ʱ?? ʱ??

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