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Beat rival Texas Hold'em - the collapse of a hand

The collapse of the process of hand means that when you do some of your opponents are the opposite of what was envisaged. This can often stimulate your opponent reconsider their hands hand is strong enough. Although the collapse of the hand of the processes can be to achieve multi-project, but the ultimate goal is to confuse your opponent. So if you think that confuse opponents need a special environment, then you go first hand the process to collapse.

Normal flow hand

Forgot special Board, to consider only the normal ordinary hand. Let us talk about the player A, B, C three order to sit in on the flop, the player A and B checks, prop bet, A and B call at the turn, A and B again checked, also prop bet again, this may be only one or two calls. on the river, or one of A and B again checked, or propyl showdown charge last note.

The collapse of the process of hand

With the collapse of the method can effectively influence the process described above. If you are a player armor, when player prop bet after the flop bet again on the turn, you used the card after filling of ways to cope. You do so undermines the the hand of the process, and your plans will also affect the players B and C but to remind you one: You have to carefully use this tool if you regularly use, it will put it out of action left to the most appropriate time. , to deter confuse your opponent.

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Example 1

This example is from my last season happen when, and it is worth exploring effective.In the pre-flop, but the effect of an observant players call a third player raises.This is the name of a third player is the conservative style of the people, when he raised pre-flop, he was always armed with good cards due.Moreover, he will be very traditional typical way to deal with this hand.I was in the big blind position 78 Varia call, players that were in effect between us call.The flop came Q-5-6.I checked the effect of the players also checked, and the third player to bet (already estimated).I call it the name of the effect of the players also call (which is estimated to more or less).In turn came an 8, I immediately bet (not to be estimated action).

I hereby completely destroyed the hand of processes. That were careless players lingered for a moment and then folded. The third player checks his cards and then quickly call (implying that he will follow in the river note). The river came a 2 I checked. He looks very confused and checked. I spread out my one pair of 8, he won the pot AQ.

When I lost the pot, I use this hand destruction process saved my money, because I'll use this hand my cards on the turn and river are called. Which means I'll bet the next two forced bet. Since the turn bet I first made him confused, so I will protect me in the river in a note. If I make up a deck, I'm sure I'll bet he will be called. disintegration process of the hand on the turn to give the opponent the meaning demonstrations, demonstrating my ability to win in this hand out get a free showdown opportunity, in addition also in the cards when I take care sets win extra bets. In the results, I did not pay extra bet to the river.

Viewed from the perspective of my opponent

Let us begin to look at the effect a player's perspective this hand.

The effect of the players that were betting on when I turn into a real predicament. He knew that one of our own Q pair or better hand. Deeper, if his weak hand or draw with Note, in the third place after the player may raise unless he marketer big, otherwise he will choose to fold.

I am glad to see him fold. If I were to the effect that players Marketer J6 before the turn flush deck, I Hing lucky he cover off the cards. If the third player cards are AK, I do not want When the river came J 6 and the pot or surrendering to the effect that the name of the player. Tang out of his hand, can increase my chances of winning this hand.

If I were not in the front third player, the way I have 4,7,8 or 9. If this were the effect of the players have any of these cards are one of them, he would lower my hand this way. For a example, if he has a 9, the river came 7 which would allow him to make up straight and gave me two pairs of cards. Although I can beat AQ, but lost that were careless people. When I lead, I preferring to make any preparation happens, I hope he folds away these situations. When I was in turn disrupted the flow of the hand, so that I achieve the goal (he mucked up).

Now let's look at the third player perspective to the hand.

He raised AQ preflop, in his position with two callers, it seems all too well. The flop came Q-5-6, which is simply perfect. In the two checked After he bets comfortably get two opponents of the call. He now has arrangements in place for this Board. He will be a good bet and win the pot on the turn and river. The inference walking ahead. Now he has so little ... to meet his hand while reducing protection.

The turn came an 8, which is in his point of view and is not harmful.But suddenly I bet the next bet.Third player simply did not put me counted.Now he is very confused in his hands AQ can win this hand.Maybe I make up iron support?Maybe I make up straight?Maybe I make up two pairs?Whether I play with slow play policy in the hands of one pair of my K?I put the hand in the process destroyed, he has completely lost.Now he only thought I might put him defeated Ji.So he was in turn call and are looking at the river also just call.When the river came an okay card, I checked to him.This seems to be after I used the check-raise policy, so he checked behind me.

Examples of two

This strategy when you're sitting in front of position and want a free card is also very useful. It also serves as a prelude to scare. When I was in the small blind when turned over Qd-Jd. A middle position player raises, two After the name of the position players bite the bullet and call, I called. The flop came Kd-9s-3d. I even have a middle owe card gutshot and listen flower cards, Q or J did not bring me to win opportunity this hand.

Now I checked to that name raiser, he typically would bet After several note call him, and then I used the strategy after the check-raised, which makes my opponent and estimated at less than my suspicions cards, but the estimate is a good hand. They do not consider I was waiting for the draw, because in my previous position in order to be used after the draw card filling is not like a normal game.

If in turn let me make up a straight or flush, they would not think I had to scrape together a straight or flush, but more inclined to give me more money. This disrupt the normal flow of the Board so that my hand Common brand success confuse the opponent. When I really make up a straight or flush, this hand I have very good cards hidden, this action because when I was in the flop. This allows me to win more pot.

Otherwise, if the turn does not improve my card, then checked, this will make my opponents reluctantly bet to me, because I had after the flop check-raise. In more cases If a 4 or 5 come, they might after I checked in. Although they are confused, but seemingly can not be used twice after others had check-raised foolish strategy. This in turn makes me get free card.

In addition, it also opens up opportunities for the scare. If the next card is another piece of K, and I bet again. This makes them very skeptical least I can make up the iron support K, if they think I can not beat It will fold. This is all due to the flop when I located the first check-raised, few people would have thought I was bluffing.

Finally, I would like to repeat once again explain minimize the use of this strategy. When you meet some canny opponent, you do so rarely successful.

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