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Texas Hold'em games are played and the rules

Texas Hold'em Introduction

Texas Hold'em There are four betting circle flop Gameʱ??


1. Each circle bets order depends on the dealer "button" position, which is a sign held by a player in a clockwise rotation.

2. The two players to the left of the dealer are the small blind and the big blind position, they are the only players in the pot before any cards bet.

3. Each time the player will be sent at the beginning of the hand was two cards face down, called hole cards

The first round of betting circle to the left of the big blind player called injection start, clockwise.

5. When the end of the first round of betting rings, three community cards face up on the issue will be called the flop.

6. The second round of betting to the left of the dealer start the first player remaining the same, clockwise.

7. After the second round of betting is complete, a fourth community card face up on the issue, which is on the turn.

8. The third round of betting to the left of the dealer also began the first player remaining.

9. After the end of the third round of betting, the fifth community card is issued to meet up, called the river card.

10. The fourth round is the last round of betting lap, still clockwise.

How to Hand

Players use their hole cards and the five community cards are the best of the best to form their own hands. You can use both hole cards, or cards with only one, or even a do not (only flop) to make up own hand.

Examples Hold'em

Examples Hold'em

Start Poker Texas Board

Start Poker Texas Board

End Texas Poker Bureau

End Texas Poker Bureau

To hand type size

1. Flush (Royal Flush: AKQJ-10, flush)

2. four (four) (best four: AAAAK)

3. Gourd (Best gourd AAAKK)

4. Flush (the best flush: any A Datong flower)

5. Straight (best straight: AKQJ-10)

6. 23 (best three: AAAKQ)

7. The two pairs (best two pairs: AAKKQ)

8. One pair (the best one pair: AAKQJ)

9. No pair (the largest single brand: AKQJ-9)

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