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Handicap Language Teaching Series Six - patriotic emotions will be used Makers

Many international competitions (friendlies, etc.), a lot of time they will be making use of the patriotic mood, because the dealer is not interested in whether patriotic, they prefer the money.

Today there were instances of a four country analysis.

Si Guosai 16:00 China Women VS Norway Women

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First, the strength of the Chinese women's football may be less than the past, but rotten boats pounds nails Moreover, this time to play at home, should not be afraid of the Nordic woman.

Second, Chupan Handicap more strange, the case of comparable strength, Norway woman actually become masters, so the 0.05 disc ball. In this case, the one Handicap relatively attractive, and secondly, we will carry out a small amount bet watch the game.

Third, this event, for the big players basically did not much of an attraction, but for some small players, some so-called betting Shaoshao people were watching the game more attractive.

Fourth, the heavenly people, players and more, even though the absolute number of players a few small population is also more than the total population of Norway. Such a "cheap" Handicap, certainly chips basically concentrated in China who, because of the large population of 1.3 billion dignified country , soccer disgrace face, is the only hope for women's football fans.

So this Handicap, we may be patriotic, to women's spiritual refueling, but the money must be careful.

Fifth, because the chips now Norway has focused on the Chinese team and homeopathic drop plate, now reduced to 0 Handicap Odds 0.8

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