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Handicap language teaching series five - Faced with the urgent need to grab points on the underdog induced high opening mouth

Handicap is not necessarily out of the trap are not necessarily lure, the lower the strength of the poor is not the case, the dealer often carried out on the lure deep dish. Or the old rules, with case study

03:00 Catalonia VS Granada

First, Catalonia and Grenada strength actually not far off, currently Catalonia seeding, Grenada need to grab points to escape the relegation zone, in this case, should open a platter (predicted to be around 0.05 ball (taking into account Catalonia home ), but this time most of the dealer but out of Catalonia -0.5 / Chupan a ball full of water. In this case, new buyers will choose Handicap Betting relatively cheap Grenada. But most of the old players will analyze the disk mouth too deep, so in most cases will be fully confident that under the bookmakers odds and bet the home team this case, the home team will be relatively heat.

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Second, the official betting, the dealer despite the home team relatively heated, but were lower plate, Catalonia currently dropped to -0.5 ball around 0.96 odds, this Handicap Catalonia is clearly more attractive for older players, so the official betting plus Thailand will be hotter.

Finally, the dealer despite heat, water still active climbed down, obviously irrational, and therefore the probability of such a great lure Handicap, in which case we should bet Grenada ball Handicap +0.5.

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