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Detailed Asian Handicap Handicap

Asian Handicap Handicap

Prior to 1998, gambling is more popular in Southeast Asia, then Asia, there is no scale of soccer betting company, each planet village are large European bookmakers agent (such as William Hill), also played in Europe lost Shengping Fu .1998 In France, the World Cup is around the largest ever, most of the time pattern football gambling boom in Macau gaming companies to seize this opportunity, their "handicap tie water system" Handicap (commonly known as handicap) flexibility not only fully driven by the revival of underground gambling, but also established a Macau gaming company chief position in Asia ball City.

Lottery For us, the Asian Handicap For Lottery has a very high reference value, is an important tool for us to improve the prediction accuracy rate. Therefore, we intend to strengthen the research together with the majority of the Lottery Handicap analysis. But in the analysis Handicap Some of those involved have a lot of lottery players do not understand the terminology, so we are here to Handicap basic knowledge and terminology to explain them one by one. Handicap mentioned herein are no special instructions, such as Macau gaming companies out Handicap.

First, what is Handicap

Gaming companies out of the "Handicap" or "get the ball", the basic rule is "to reflect the gap in the score," It should be reminded Lottery note:. On this gap is not just the strength of the addition, the gaming companies out The handicaps are 90 minutes match results shall prevail. Here we pass the game to in-depth understanding of some.

Last season the penultimate round at home against Reggina Juventus Juventus this time has won the league championship in advance, soon they have a more important game - the Champions League final has come to the home team Reggina The most critical moment relegation this season in Serie A last a downgrade team will be created between them and Atlanta at this time, both teams score the same game for the Macau Handicap: Reggina 0.975 hemisphere / a ball Juventus Adams 0.875. The odds mean, if betting Reggina, then winning on the premise that to beat Reggina least powerful Juventus.

This example tells us that the gaming company's handicap is a reference to the strength of both teams and non-power factor out Since gaming company has a strong strength of information, as well as all-pervasive network of relationships, they can understand the game the information to be far beyond the imagination of ordinary lottery. Thus, we conclude that, objectively Handicap betting company truly reflects the probability of winning a game.

Second, the compositional Handicap

Handicap known as Win, can be understood as the designated race betting winning team. If Result combined handicap is a draw, then the player's bet amount will be refunded, this commonly known as "the deck."

Handicap consists of three parts, two teams participate in the competition, so that the number of balls (commonly known as Handicap, in the above example hemisphere / a ball) and the premium, namely the race after the results came out, betting who get prize money coefficient.And the players here to explain, Asian Handicap betting company in general, there are two premium, one is represented by Macau gaming company, footwall sum premium of 1.85, another dish known as Indonesia, the sum of the upper and lower plate premium of 1.90.Meanwhile, the premium is divided into low water, flat water, according to the amount of the high water level.In addition, the race known as the two teams on the disc, the next disc.Which one to get the ball to the plate.If Handicap for the tie, then the low side for the premium on the disc.

Handicap also includes single tickets and packages of two single vote refers to a game in a team out of a handicap, such as: Inter Milan hemisphere Rome, the bettors bet the entire amount will be The upper Handicap Handicap refers to a package in a team game out of two handicap, such as: lightning Carolina hemisphere / a ball Juventus So bettors average amount will be divided into two, that is, betting on a lightning half satisfied hemisphere Handicap, the other half of the bet on lightning satisfied Rangyi Qiu Handicap.

In addition to Handicap, Asian gaming company also has a variety of gaming items such as: Correct Score (guess the score), game First Goalscorer, odd and even number of goals, etc. due to other projects for lottery prediction game no actual reference value, so, do not do more of the description here.

What is clear Handicap, premium, but also to understand the handicap of two forms, take a look at the following examples we combine handicap win or lose algorithm.

Third, the odds of winning or losing computing

Inter Milan 0.95 Handicap hemisphere Rome 0.9-- win or lose based on results of the competition binding let the number of balls drawn. Suppose we bet on the disc that is Inter Milan, Inter Milan because let Rome hemispherical, if Inter Milan in 90 minutes of the match win, regardless of how many are on the plate on goal difference to win if we bet amount is $ 1000, so get prize money number: 1000 * 0.95 = 950 yuan if the outcome of the match is a draw or Roma wins, Betting on the disk all lose.

Reggina 0.975 hemisphere / a ball Juventus 0.875-- assume Betting footwall namely Juventus amount 1,000 yuan, since the odds are a package, so our stake corresponding level in two and a half, in which 500 yuan bets at lightning Carolina 0.975 hemisphere Juventus 0.875 Handicap on the other half 500 yuan betting Reggina 0.975 a ball Juventus 0.Handicap on 875.As a result of lightning Carolina to win the game, no matter how many goal difference, hemisphere Handicap betting on all principal lost half.While betting on a ball Handicap because the relationship between the amount of the other half will have a goal difference of two cases.First of all, if the goal difference is a ball, then the combined result is a draw Handicap (ie the deck), which is part of the principal is fully returned.As goal difference of two or more, then the plate to win, all bets lose principal footwall.As results of the competition is a draw or Juventus win, then goal difference no matter how much both the footwall win, the prize money for the specific number: 500 * 0.875+ 500 * 0.875 = 875 yuan.

Fourth, the gaming company's earnings

By way of example, we not only understand the odds and premium, more importantly, we have a shallow understanding of the gaming company to do this business profit point and profitable way. First, Handicap footwall played a winning balance of probabilities, while also balance the amount of upper and lower plate bets. Secondly, careful Lottery should have noticed that the sum of the examples we cite footwall premium is 1.85 instead of two, the gap here is betting the company's profits.

From these two points we can see, the difference is essentially bookmakers and gaming companies in the traditional sense, that is the gaming company will not be directly involved in gambling, they are rules of the game, providing a full range of customer service, while charging a commission. So, gaming companies in order to obtain a stable, objective return, we must leave no stone unturned to make the upper and lower plate bets to reach equilibrium. And to do this step, the easiest way is to open the upper and lower plate probability of winning quite ambassador Handicap. Therefore, the Lottery Handicap and the premium for us to predict the value of competition can not be underestimated.

Posted read the introduction, we can read the following figure.

Asian Handicap Handicap illustrate:

Asian Handicap Handicap
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