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Simple and pure concept of ghosts (1)

First, the six principles.

1, letter high unbelief low - high water level, odds, free home better absorb investment, betting the greater the risk of the company's capital, to do not lose money, more worthy of a high level of trust.

2, the letter does not lose faith changed - do not think the banker is an idiot, change water, variable pay you to look at the letter level, the odds say it stopped at what address?.

3, the letter does not believe large small - small companies to survive, there must be more clear attitude, otherwise it easier to lose money, big companies look sharper competitive knowledge conclusive, but the odds given by the company's small but totally more credible ʱ??

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4, the letter did not believe deep shallow - deep dish, general more credible than shallow dish.

5, the letter does not believe cold hot - two fundamental principles of gaming companies "with the public enemy," "mind science", and thus the people of the cold spot is perhaps betting bookmakers fancy thoughts.

6, letter or no letter drop - this point identical to the first point.

Second, the basic Jie Pan, Xie pay thoughts.

1, the first step: First parameter determines the resolution and that the water level changes Handicap Handicap note, accounting for a given situation to compete with hot and cold dish that may arise.

2, the second step: In accordance with this cold situation, the contractor identified trends and hot and cold situation pre Handicap That, perhaps when heat Handicap by injection, to a certain hot spot, since the beginning of the three betting peak :( Senate. ), at first by injection, 24 hours before the spot by injection, the final spot by injection, at first note just one subject only. it is necessary to pre-heat and cold have given accounts.

3. The third step: the enemy village, and the dealer against, caught cold side of the main judge identified this, it is best to have a business volume as a reference.

4. Step Four: If the spot Handicap get caught, then contrast spot Handicap Handicap and by injection.

5, the fifth step: judge from the process of change identified by the injection plate to the spot on the disk, the ability to control the behavior of the dealer and have the dealer's behavior is consistent link 6, the sixth step: in the direction of making behavior, especially the behavior of the spot direction, he concluded.

Third, Jiepan four elements.

1, the strength of appraisal - held to assess the strength to compete on both sides of the disc, the disc confirmed to compete on both sides of which is the strength of the team, but please note, not because the party is the strength of the team, we think that the other will is weak, perhaps the other Just absolutely weak point, I am afraid a certain strength.

2, hot spot effect - on both sides of the disc to determine which side is to compete with the recent hot, probably likely to cause hot spots.

3, First Senate resolution judge - judge identified early reference to compete with the disc which our favor.

4, rally direction - judge identified the dealer may rally, making heat direction.

Note: The strength of the team is not necessarily a hot team, a lot of time and even a hot team relegation team.

Fourth, the static Handicap sentence discernible.

1, the tie plate (0)

Tie - meaning Which two teams in wins (not counting the number of goals), winning people to buy it, buy the negative side of the team that people who lose money tie (0) flat open on both sides, both sides win. Like the chances tie plate, the two teams tie will be refunded principal;. tie plate usually do not tie, tie for the dealer did not benefit, since only a draw to extract 5% fees, costs too thin.

2, tie / hemisphere disk (0 / 0.5)

Tie / hemisphere - let the ball hit the flat side lose half;. Win a ball more (including a ball) on the disc home team to win all Pingban high water bookmakers treat this proves faith is not enough competition in the home team, meaning out of the odds induction on the disc, most times should be off the plate, but do not get rid of prudence on the disc may be optimistic, especially when the tray is in high water and high water.

3, the hemisphere plate (0.5) hemisphere (0.5) - let the ball hit the flat side probably lose-lose, win a ball above (including a ball), the disc is full win hemisphere gamble (death drive), it is the most dangerous home team hemisphere low water: The home side needed more than one goal margin win count, it also proves that belief in making the home team enough, most time on the disc should be lower; the home team to the hemisphere of high water - proof enough faith in making the home team, most of the period should Under the lower plate. However, due to changes in water level, a lot of times will erupt solicitation behavior, and can not easily be concluded.

4, hemisphere / a ball plate (0.5 / 1)

Hemisphere / a ball (0.5 / 1) - to get the ball square flat or negative-lose, win win half a ball, two goals all win win hemisphere / a ball plate is usually attractive banker bets are closed due if the bet. plate, to win only two goals all win, if the charge footwall, lose a ball lost only half, and this disc is open, there are bound to be differences between the two teams but the difference is not large, ordinary people will bet mood footwall to Bo lose half to win all. However, if the two teams are quite different, the half / one likely to become the next disc tray kill.

5, a ball plate (1)

A ball (1) - to get the ball side lose, flat-lose, win a ball count level, winning two goals all win.

6, a ball / ball half plate (1 / 1.5)

A ball / ball half (1 / 1.5) - to get the ball side lose half to win a ball to buy, win two goals all win

7, Qiuban plate (1.5)

Ball half (1.5) - let lose the ball square, flat, winning an all-lose, win two balls all win Qiuban plate description to get the ball square to win big hand, but does not mean victory.

8, Qiuban / two goals disc (1.5 / 2)

Qiuban / two goals (1.5 / 2) - get the ball side to win two to buy it wins half, to win three all win

9, two goals disc (2)

Two goals (2) - to get the ball side to win two ball count level, winning several Handicap win all three balls later, still to study and is recognized on the plate, although Win is not easy, but the opportunity to win it Large.

Note: Static ghosts only as a reference, the vast majority of time and can not read the tape as a primary reference.

Five static read the tape.

1, similar Handicap change footwall.

(1) tie - flat / semi - hemisphere.

(2) a ball - a ball / ball half - ball half.

Explanation: Because of this change on the Handicap plate, lower plate change, and thus it is possible to lift the disk on the livelihood of many of induction period but due to the footwall of change belongs to rise, in accordance with the principles of letter or no letter drop, footwall risk increase. Great, so the water level changes footwall resolution will result in a significant level of competition.

2, similar Handicap change the disc.

(1) Hemisphere - half / a - a ball.

(2) ball half - ball half / two goals - two goals.

Explanation: The same as the first 1:00.

3, prance Handicap compete plate with change.

(1) tie, flat / half - half / a.

(2) a ball, a ball / ball half - ball half / two goals.

(3) ......

Explanation: Because of this late change, compete tray fundamental change will occur if the disk caused liter, then the footwall increase in risk, the risk of a large drop on the disc, the disc great opportunity Similarly, the lower plate and vice versa... Note: Static ghosts although more accurate than static, but because there is no link level, and can not fully incorporated by reference.

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