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Some gambling experience I have accumulated over the years

First, be familiar with the characteristics of the league

For example, Japanese professional league, before all big league ball, but with the development of football, the External coach, change tactical thinking, big ball rate has been greatly reduced, but the only constant is that the morale of the ball play routine, that is, Many teams will state for a period of slump and a period of time is very good, this five league Bundesliga is very similar, but not that he remains in the doldrums when they buy the right home, a good time to buy him, so although there a certain profit, but certainly not much, must be selected in conjunction Handicap.Both leagues have more features, like the other Premier League, La Liga, Serie these are not particularly clear, people can not figure the team ups and downs, little league is needless to say, a lot of strange, such as the top team lost to the bottom team, or in the top team in good time to lose, so to understand the characteristics of the league is more important.

Second is to have a hand in the choice of the game

Handicap, many people have their own good odds, such as Pingban plate, tie plate, to do more to sum up, to find their own good odds, followed by selection of the degree of focus on the race team, league, then, each ball certainly not every team will compete at the crucial moment they will desperately, which also requires long-term observation of this team, when appropriate follow-up, especially like a big cup for example, like the Champions League knockout, focusing on the extent and true degrees higher, the club can be spotted relatively strong sense of honor refill.

How to really hit game

To really hit game, in addition to the fundamentals, such as the team's strength and team injury, the team of pros and cons of messages, the most important thing Handicap, why?Gaming company Do hundred percent predict the outcome of this game can do, specifically digging us jump, oh, no, they are just a lot more information than we do, they are opening mouth to weigh the risks, so sometimes intentions will be exposed in the Handicap.

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How to analyze Handicap, which is a major problem, is to analyze the odds of authenticity, whether he opened the disc tray in the end it is true strength, or the temptation to dish it, or so-called trend disk, called the strength of the disc it is like Brazil to China, to open a allow 3.5, no one would suspect, the real strength; it is the temptation of the disk looks very cheap, obviously there is one strong, favorable factors, but open draw, or Pingban high water, we must carefully the.Trend dish is usually at the end of the league, or Cup group match to determine the winner, the second leg of the knockout time, it may prescribe, such Handicap may contain strength, but also full of temptation, because the result will likely dominate the league Champion or European Union seat or relegation, team promotion, etc..This analysis Handicap, must follow for a long time to accumulate experience before they can reach and more difficult, so when you can not find the direction, you will find the odds to find the feeling inside, slowly recovering state.

Allocation of funds is critical, confidence must be refilled, otherwise you difficult to profit

Each averaged Notes can win winnings are few, so confident when we must re-injection, once is not heavy, it does not matter, you have to have confidence in your analysis, second, or third time you have You can succeed.My rule of thumb is refilled, the strength + Handicap here that covers many aspects of strength, pros and cons, etc., to be my analysis to match a party may have a chance to win the game, when combined with Handicap, Handicap here is called the dealer's intentions, try not to go and work against the dealer, do not understand rather not buy, even if it is the last you right, making you in the flicker, you do not mind, because the long-term you are unlikely and the dealer's tray The last win for dry mouth

this is me Betting Summed up the experience of the past few years, in fact, there are other, sometimes to think clearly, and have the opportunity to talk to share with you, but also welcome to share their gambling experience.

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