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[188BET event analysis] Premier League: Chelsea solid top spot, three points at home to take oath


Chelsea VS Everton Premier League 20:45 02-22


CASINO Standard tray: 1.50 5.45 4.00

CASINO Asian Chupan: Chelsea Everton 0.95 0.98 a ball


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Saturday morning Premiership focus of the war leaders Chelsea sits at home against Everton powerhouse Chelsea League bad start, but after unremitting efforts, after the league 26, plot 57 points, 1 point advantage over Arsenal finally boarded the points top spot. the team's recent league record fairly stable over five consecutive games unbeaten, excellent condition. The away team Everton have a certain strength, but poor away record, especially against teams away basically lose, nearly three, two away to reflect this situation, the guest of Chelsea, ominous.

Judging from the disk, CASINO Asian dish out the home team Chelsea 0.98 Rangyi Qiu high water, combined with the two teams and standings comparison analysis of the situation, Handicap reasonable. Chelsea excellent condition, many rounds unbeaten, Everton not trespassing guest, in stark contrast, this is the strength of Handicap, the Eurasian odds basic line, no need to cool it, and the disc trusted.

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