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[188BET event analysis] La Liga: the title race situation is grim, Madrid sports will take 3 points away oath


02-24 04:00 VS Osasuna La Liga Madrid Sports Club


CASINO Standard tray: 7.30 1.40 4.00

CASINO Asian Chupan: Osasuna 1.07 by 0.86 Rangyi Qiu Madrid Sports Club


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This weekend, the Spanish giants Madrid sports event is the grand finale will be a guest team Osasuna standings River. The home team Osasuna this season experienced a bad start, bottom of the list has been occupying the position of the previous rounds, but fortunately the ball later Team After adjustment, the recent strength has been enhanced, the record also stabilized a bit, the state picked up aspects, has come to the league ranked 14, basically out of the relegation zone. The away Madrid Sports Association super strength, now 24 after the league, and Barcelona Real Madrid with the plot 60 points, ranked third in the league, champion, the pressure is quite large, the road against the lowly, to take three points must not be lost.

Judging from the disk, CASINO Asian dish out the visiting Madrid sports will Rangyi Qiu 0.86 low water, combined with the two teams and standings comparison analysis of the situation, there is a lower opening Handicap lighter components, the road Rangyi Qiu / ball half but points completely, this may be taken into account in the Madrid sports week expedition Serie A AC Milan will give Kandi response. Madrid sports clubs lane operations, it must be proved, 3 points determined to win, the disc can trust

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