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SJM Greyhounds rules introduced

Speaking of racing, presumably many people are familiar, however, when it comes to dog racing, people probably do not know much. Greyhounds incoming Macau in 1932, and soon won the Macao people's favorite, has now become the most Macau One of the popular gaming and entertainment activities. Greyhounds game fun and exciting, if you have the opportunity to go to Macau to play, be sure not to miss.

For Greyhounds Macau, you can start to understand "dog through" began, Macau has three newspapers published the "dog by the" dogs of the above will provide all information and the outcome predicted by watching these dogs, you heart for greyhound will have a general understanding in the Plaza Park administrator can buy dog ​​newspaper, if you are a beginner, then press on the dog newspaper recommend to buy it, usually wins. Arriving kennel After gambling do not hurry, you can look at a few games to familiarize yourself with the situation, every day you can see 14 games, look at a few games later, on the floor of the dog have a basic understanding of, and you can bet on gambling a.

There are four kinds of games are played, respectively:

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1, Win, bet a dog first;

2 position, first or second bet a dog;

3, Forecast, bet a first and second two dogs;

4, Aberdeen q, in order to bet first second third.

Which is most likely in the second, of course, the odds are the lowest, the novice can start with a second hand to start trial, after attempting to master the skills of the other games are played.

Minimum bet is 10 Australian dollars, very cheap, the couple may be some small note to try hand.Every end is 6-8 dogs, before the start of the trainer will take the dog walk around, but also to the players to choose their favorite dog betting time, where there is a tip, if you have a dog in this time the tail cocked to or defecation, indicating the dog lively, energetic, very likely to get good rankings.Further competition is divided into two kinds of 550 meters and 350 meters, 550 meters of the race select slim, smart dogs have an advantage, while 350-meter race, choose sturdy dog ​​looks more likely to win.Of course, if a dog is a lot of people talk about the same time, then victory will be less money to win.But when your own dog to win custody, the kind of "eye for gold," the excitement and happiness, but money does not come.

Greyhounds easily stimulate, and do not need to spend much money for gambling, is a good way to unwind. Players have the opportunity to love the gaming experience to Macau, I believe you will be hooked on it immediately, and I wish everyone in the greyhound victory Oh!

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