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How to play Fantan? Fantan play rules introduced

Fantan is a card game, also known as Kaduominuo domino gave the following players on how to play the game Fantan:

Number of players: three to eight, but the best in Fantan game is composed of four players.

Target: The first was the winner all the cards one finished.

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Solitaire: The standard of play is composed of 52 cards aces minimum.

How to play: Each player in the game would supply the same amount of chips, you need a bowl or tray to collect these chips each player to play a card each time, until all the cards are finished in Fan Tan game,. If some players than any other brand in the hands of a card in the hands of a few players less, this does not cause any effect.

Fantan game players began to start the left of the dealer, each player must hit a 7, or follow suit in ascending or descending order to add it to 7. When the players hit the 7, then the next 8 and 6 can play. If you play 8, 9. If you can hit 6 starts playing, you can play 5 sequence can rise to the king, may also fall into aces. When the last piece of card play, players will need to be a whole row of cards folded and turn it around.

When you can not play any of your card, you will need to checked, and a chip into the bowl. Said that if the first card in the hands of a kick, you can get all the chips in a bowl, and You can also get each player to lose, and a chip provided per person.

Tip: When you have aces or kings, then try to hit the entire suite Your goal is to be able to prevent 5S, 6S, 8S, 9S these cards to play, of course, is for others, not yourself if you are sure. a good time, then you can well by preventing others cards to form their own suits.

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