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Casino vulnerabilities: Baccarat to win

In this column I published a number of articles in a row Why Baccarat Not as good as Blackjack The article attracted condemning baccarat player again and again.

I actually spent a lot of time to study the baccarat ......

Winning obviously not a defeat for all of Baccarat ......Casino The more open the greater is obvious proof. "However," certain (vulnerable) Baccarat can be defeated ...... not win law, has a winning "ground."

In recent years, the most important gambling book title is "Beyond Counting" ("Beyond count cards"), the author is James Grosjean, currently in (my alma mater), University of Chicago PhD in economics, "beyond count cards," a book published in 1999 when the price of $ 40. After the publication of Luoyangzhigui, e-bay now priced at $ 800.

Grosjean after the original version of the book indicates no longer make this book 10 years before the price 20 times.

"Beyond count cards," a book mainly about the vulnerability exploit casino casino winnings .Grosjean that vulnerability is a special case out book after book casino vulnerabilities found much higher than expected, "beyond card counting" broad popular casino exploit vulnerabilities hinder people So their own money under the closure order book.

"Super," the book just to mention a casino baccarat loophole ...... If this loophole, baccarat can be defeated!

What loopholes?

If you know baccarat next (or next few) is what brand you "of course" can win "average" winning ...... if the next one is "9" points distributed free home, under 10 free He won six times on average.

The problem is that the casinos? How do you know the next card?

Average earnings knowing how much a card?

If you know the "7" in the third, on average how much profit?

In the first "5" Zhang ......?

Also useful in the first five? If the "4" in the first five, busy family of five Dianbu "4" ......!

Next is "10" point, how do? Under "village"!

Let us make a dream, if you know a pack of cards, with a cost of $ 100,000 when, if a box of two hours, and the upper limit is large enough, an average of one hour may be how much? (Top)

According to the "super" book, if the next card is "9" points (an average of 13 cards a box), under the Player is 21 percent expected rate of return.

21% expected rate of return "should be" How much lower?

Hundred fans are not familiar with, "Kelly axiom." John Kelly was an American statistician. He proved "by betting on the yield of the fastest growing" ...... So 21% under 21% of the bet $ 21,000 under this ...... ...... earn an average of $ 4,410 each!

"8" does not depend, 17.5%, on average earn 3,060 yuan every encounter.

With an average of 38% of Baccarat four cards, so if you know that the first five cards, there are 62% chance of being spend. "4" point in the first five pairs of idle greatly beneficial to the average rate of return of 18.3% ...... " 4 "In the first five $ 18,300 average earned 3,349 yuan.

Baccarat back with 4-6 card, the following points are different yields in different locations:

If you know a pack of cards "1" card, get $ 100,000 by betting yields, a world "4" times (two hours a box), an average of one day can earn $ 4,000 a month $ 100,000 Total times.

Dream, dream ...... ...... what  question now is this loophole? Know how to pack a card?

Bo play tennis saying: "There is Winning (it should be said to win), not published ......" published, the casino closed the loophole, we do not win, so ......

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