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Macau casino jargon explained

Friends who want to go to Macau casino to play with to pay attention, casino jargon you know? If you do not know it, when to Macau casinos, the dealer suddenly blurting specialized vocabulary, you'll want a long puzzled how? I think that I do not say you will know. So, I suggest you taking the time to look at the Friends of Bo novice Macau casino gambling jargon is still very useful. Today Macau casino gave you some common jargon.

1 winner: the last round to win users, you can get the upper hand cards.

2, the bottom of the pot: each user's initial betting chips, the same per game.

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3, the minimum raise: raise the minimum amount each time.

4. Minimum bet: Each betting minimum.

5, Max Bet: The maximum limit for each bet.

6, capped: Each bureau can bet the upper limit of the sum of chips.

7, dark Note: does not read the cards betting chips.

8, Ming NOTE: After looking bet, chips dark Bet doubled.

9, with the note: inputs and the home as many chips.

10, filling: Increase betting chips on the basis of the betting house.

11, to give: give up already betting chips, sentenced to lose.

12, Max: The maximum bet limit.

13 straight closure: Games parties in this cast the same chips, one can reach the cap.

NOTE: professional terminology and jargon Macau casino online casinos are the same.

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